It's here!!It's here!!!

  1. Hello ladies!!

    I think I will literally burst my baby spy from Jomashop :yahoo:has arrived and I must say it is an absolutely gorgeous bag!! The craftsmenship of the bag is totally unbelieveable!! I am truly impressed!! I am soo happy :wlae:my husband saw the bag and said hey that is a really nice looking bag, what is it made of, I told him italian leather and he thought it was something more, you see I was trying to downplay the bag because I have spent so much lately, which I think I am going to have to go on a purse ban, but this spy has opened up another side of me, now I want another. I have the zucca print baby spy and now I wonder what the regular size looks like, if it's anything like the baby, I might have to break down, hold my back girls, I think I am hooked. Okay I am babbling now I will shut up but I wanted to share with you all, I will post pics later for authentication:okay:
  2. Yay for you!:yahoo:

    Fendi quality really is outstanding... the leather is gorgeous! COngrats and enjoy your new bag!:heart:
  3. Congrats....!
  4. Welcome to our mutual addiction....:drool::drool::drool:

    Fendi bags are awesome...:yahoo:
  5. congrats! aren't they wonderful!!! i love the babies sooo much, yes girl we must get a larger spy just to see if we love them as much... go for it! (i will follow ha)
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Oh congrats! I've yet to get myself a baby. Haven't found anything I'm crazy about yet. Can't wait for the pics!
  8. Congrats! Let the addiction begin... ;)
  9. Congratulations and good luck with her!
  10. My daughter has the baby spy and I have the larger spy and both are great bags...congrats on your new purchase...Enjoy!!!
  11. IMG_0017.JPG



    IMG_0014.JPG please help, help....I just purchased this fendi wallet from bluefly. After reading some posts on this site I am wondering if it is fake or real.....please help!! Holding my breath here.
  12. Congrats Antoinette!!! I'm so excited for you! I haven't ventured into the baby spy turf yet either, but they are SOOOO adorable!!! Post pics when you can so we can all admire your new baby!
  13. Big Congrats on your new baby, cannot wait to see pictures
  14. btw, congratulations!!!