It's Here, it's here!!!

  1. Well it turned out that my lovely SA was right & my birkin did indeed arrive by the end of June (just!).

    I pay my respects to any one who has waited, or is waiting, years for their bag order. I only placed my order early March & even then I've been going of of my mind! As I paid for the bag when i ordered it i never got the call from Paris that it had arrived. This was a God-send, as the last couple of weeks would have been much worse knowing that it was on the way; KWIM? I didn't know it was here until DHL called to let us know that there were customs charges to pay. :wlae:

    I was planning to secret the box away when it was delivered to work, & quietly go up to the meeting room, where I could sit & look at it for a while & then open one little bit at a time, Willy Wonka Golden Ticket style.
    I really love it when other members do the big strip tease & all. It's so exciting to open the big orange box ever so sloowwwllyyy....
  2. But that didn't happen! I ripped into it like a 3 year old @ Christmas, LOL.:nuts:

    ....I took her outside to take pics in natural light & even then (as you can see) the colour changes with the amount of sun. None of these are actually in direct sunlight. The last one is indoors daylight.
    P630001sml.JPG P6300013sml.JPG P6300018sml.JPG P6300026sml.JPG
  3. So beautiful! I'm glad that you didn't have to wait too long! CONGRATS!
    Is it Gold Clemence?
  5. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  6. [​IMG]

    Beautiful, congratulations
  7. looks good baby!!! Congrats.

    is that Gold??

    What size??
  8. It's a 35cm in GOLD FJORD. I know that a few of you have been waiting to see this colour in Fjord. It's not as super-stiff as I imagined, and i agree with orchids that some fjord is coming out not as thick right now. That said, you can't really batwing this baby (not yet at least) which suits me, and I'm sure it will keep its shape well (for those of us who like that type of thing!).
    The grain is larger & flatter than togo & i think suits the bag particularly well. This bag doesn't have veining, although it's often a feature of fjord.

    I've posted some close ups of the grain. Hope the pics are not too small to see it clearly - and an action shot. :smile:
    P6300015sml.JPG P6300016sml.JPG P6300031sml.JPG
  9. Congratulations.. its gorgeous!!!
  10. Very nice... Congrats. She looks great on you.
  11. Congrats!! ;)
  12. OMG! :nuts: Gold Fjord is absolutely gorgeous! :heart:

    Congratulations, xquisite!!! :yahoo:

  13. It's Absolutely Xquisite:heart: I'm So Happy For You ~ Enjoy This Beauty!!!
  14. :lol: I would do that too if I were you!!!
  15. Arrrgggh gold fjord is exquisite - Xquisite :p

    Congrats on your beautiful new Birkin :drinkup: