its here, its here!

  1. My indigo agenda is here, went a little LV crazy this week, with the pomme cles and another goodie that won't be here for another couple of weeks.

    However I wasn't excited waiting for it, and I wasn't awe struck when I took it out. I got to admire the color more when I was home, but otherwise I'm not sure if this was a keeper. But I desparately need an agenda because I've beenw ithout one for the past several weeks since I sold my old one. If only they had an azur koala agenda!

    What should I do? I need an agenda, I love vernis, and the color is growing on me..
  2. aww..aarti! sorry you're not in love with it! why don't you give it a couple of days then maybe you'll change your mind.

    don't they have a azur agenda?? i thought they did...not sure.
  3. pictures due tomorrow for a friend has borrowed my camera for the night.
  4. I thought they only had a regular small azur agenda, not one with the koala clasp?
  5. the mini agenda right? but you want the small agenda.... hmm..i'm really not sure..hopefully someone can clear it up.
  6. I want to see it- can't wait for the pic!
  7. personally, i don't think you should keep it if you don't instantly love it, kwim? but i guess if you can grow to love it...

    i wish i could help you out on what's available, aarti! but you know i'm clueless. :p
  8. You should love it, but... it's Indigo and that won't be around forever... Does it make you look taller and thinner??? ;)
  9. congrats! i will definitely have to come back and see this!
  10. Koala only come in Mono and Damier in Small Ring size. What about Perle or Pomme? The new Aramante is comming out soon, but not sure will they release agenda in that color too in the first batch? :graucho:
  11. Can't wait to see pics. The indigo is so hard to find but give a couple of days to decide.
  12. if you dont love it straight away then i say sell it on; but dont rush because of it being such a hard colour to get hold of! xx
  13. I just got the small indigo agenda too!! I think the color is gorgeous, especially in the sunlight where you can see a kind of metallic sparkly effect!
  14. OMG... indigo is 2df!
    and in the agenda.... :yahoo:
  15. Congrats..! So you've finally give in! :p Well, I'd say give it a few more days and see how you feel about it. As Classic Chic mentioned, you can always wait for amarante. ;)