It's here! It's here! I've been waiting for sooo long!!!

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  1. I first read about BE here, of course!! But I was very hesitant to purchase a bag (and an expensive one!) that I've never seen from the overseas. BUT I took the plunge and bought my first BE!!!

    The leather is great. It looks beautiful and seems very tough. Just what I need in an everyday bag! It's a little stiff since it's so new but I hope it softens up and looses its shape somewhat. One thing that bothers me a bit - it's sooo big! I'm not used to big bags but I knew I needed one when I was buying it because I always need more room for stuff I carry every day. It will take some getting used to but I think this baby will become my new favorite! I definitely want to REALLY use this bag and enjoy it (not something I normally do...LOL...that's why I keep buying more bags!).

    Anyway, here are the pics! What do you guys think??? Is it huge on me? I'm 5'4". ;)

    Forgot to mention the swatches that I asked Jackie for - Wine, Fiamma Red, and Fuchsia. LOOOVE Fiamma Red! :heart:

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  2. More pics...:heart:

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  3. yayyy I'm excited for you! :yahoo:Congrats! I have the same exact bag and I love it. It is definitely one of my top favorite 3 bags. It will soften and slouch over time. It is soo durable which is why I love it and it doesn't get any noticeable scratches. It still looks just as gorgeous as the day I bought it and I've been using it almost every day. I'm 5'5 which is only an inch taller then you. I don't think it's a huge bag at all. It makes a great tote around bag.
  4. Ooooh I love it, its beautiful! I think it looks great (but I love big bags) but once it softens up, I think maybe perfection LOL!
  5. Very nice modeling pics! It is definitely proportionate to your size :tup: I ordered a LMM for days when I carry less since I love this style so much!
  6. WOW, that GORGEOUS new baby looks so INCREDIBLY FAB on you ! ! ! ! !

    As Rod Stewart once sang, you wear it well ! ! ! :woohoo:
  7. Whoa - that looks really nice on you! It thought it would look bigger than that on a small gal, but it looks just right. Congratulations!
  8. Thank you for your comments, everyone!! :shame:
  9. STUNNING and SEXY! I love the LM in black crash! I have it in pewter (really debated hard between it and black crash); it's an amazing bag! It looks great on you and I predict you are going to treasure it!
  10. Very nice bag and it looks gorgeous!
  11. LOVE THIS BAG! I own an LM in Dark Grey, and it is such a fantastic bag! It will definitely soften and slouch as you start to use it, and I think you'll love it even more. Plus, it's a great bag in that it holds so much without looking ginormous.

    Enjoy it! I doubt it will be your last! *evil, enabling laugh*:graucho:
  12. I'm about your height and thought that bag would be too big, but it looks great on you. I think everyone is right and it will soften up and you won't feel it's big at all. That black crash Love Me is one of the sexiest bags that Jackie makes. Congratulations.:tup:
  13. Oh wow, I love that black crash Love Me! It looks good on you. I have the LMM in Black Crash and adore the leather. :smile:
  14. It's beautiful! And don't worry - it will slouch in a very lovely way....
  15. Looks great on you...not too big