It's Here It's Here It's Here It's Here !!!!!!!

  1. phew !! I could not believe it when I opened the door on my way out to an appointment this afternoon (hey, I'm going to have to sell a ton of houses this year so watch out -- I might just come after you - j/k) and THERE was a Bluefly box. The DHL tracking yesterday said January 2nd so I was NOT expecting anything and of course ... I didn't have time to open it so
    Door open THUNK
    Box in THUNK
    To my credit -- I was a stellar listing agent and admired the new baby, all the upgrades, took down all the info all the time thinking PRADA BAG AT HOME PRADA BAG AT HOME -- I had no idea how much I wanted this bag until today.
    Run to Post office -- post office is closed.
    Drive like mad woman to other post office, it too is closed (must mail estimated taxes today to Jersey)
    Stand on line behind woman buying a shopping cart full of 75% off Christmas decorations to buy a stamp.
    Drive home like a mad woman ....
    PRADA BAG -- I'm COMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So -- to spare you any more suspense (like when after taking pictures I DROPPED the camera on the zoom and went through a half hour of system errors before thunking it on a book -- probably harder than I dropped it) and it reset so I COULD post pictures -- here she is. And I am torn.

    She is smaller than I thought -- they measured it flattened out so it is the small size I didn't want. There are some distinct scratches in the front metal plate. But -- I LOVE THE DEGRADE. I was so taken with the patent all fall but the degrade is just SEXY. In some light it looks dark, in some it looks grey, but it's a warm grey so you put it with brown and it looks brownish (it looks fab with my new fur BUT that pic came out dodgey so have to wait for my honey to help me with that later).

    I'm sure I'll keep it BUT I will try to get Bluefly to take more off. This is the third bag I've gotten from them and one other had a mark on it. I'm starting to think that's how they get some of these and frankly, the discount should be steeper with flaws or they should SAY SOMETHING.

    I don't suppose anyone has seen the size larger (Model # would end in 5 not a 6) and that one comes with a detachable shoulder strap too? They are so sold out everywhere :crybaby:

    Anywho -- what a tale -- but I can't believe the emotions and over A Hand Bag !! As 2007 draws to a close, I know I am one lucky lady to have such "problems". I'm off to buy some bicycles online through a charity I know for Cambodian kids (so they can go to school -- some live really far). Here are the pics of my darling.
    prada 3 4.jpg prada full on.jpg pradaopen.jpg
  2. It's beautiful it's beautiful it's beautiful it's beautiful!:p Seriously, that's one gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  3. Where's the mark? Is it large or small?
  4. Loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If you blow up the full frontal shot -- it's just above and to the right of the R in my nick. Looks like it had a protective plastic on it and someone scratched it getting that off or something similiar. The plates on the front are not pristine but it's the kind of wear I'm sure would happen soon enough. Need to find that hardware thread -- I know I saw one !!
  6. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Congrats Jenskar.................:party:
  7. Ooooohhhhhh Happy New Year to YOU! Just beautiful Jenskar, a lovely addition to your collection.
  8. I agree the degrade is sexy! Beautiful bag!
  9. Oh, loverly! :smile:
  10. Great looking bag, it's a keeper
  11. I love your bag, I have the grey trunk bag with silver metal handle and train tag and studs, i love it!!!!It is a very showey bag. The leather is very fragile. I have only worn it once, im so scared to sratch it, But yours is so pretty!!!! Its small , but holds a lot.
  12. What a brilliant way to start the new year! Lovely, gorgeous bag!
  13. Happy 2008! CONGRATS!
    That bag looks way nicer than the pics I saw on the websites.
  14. I got a bag in this same shading in the mail today! YAY! Love yours! Mine is the open top square shape and it's big with a shoulder strap. Also has a couple of nicks. I think it is just REALLY soft and succeptible leather.

    Congrats on your new bag!
  15. congrats!!! its nice!!!