1. WOW WOW WOW!!!
    I am so excited and this set is so GORGEOUS, Photos do NO justice at all to the Tie Dye Collection.Just got these today and they are both Brand New.
    ONLY now I want more :wtf:
    I am so :yahoo:excited and am ready for Spring and Summer :upsidedown:
  2. Here is one more [​IMG]
  3. Nice I have always liked this bag. Enjoy
  4. Cute!!! I'm a sucker for PINK!!! Congrats!!!!!
  5. I LOVE them!!! Aren't they from the Tie Dye line? Absolutely Beautiful!!:love: Enjoy!
  6. I love the style so much.. and I am pretty sure the pictures didn't do justice on the color!!! Congrats
  7. I have always loved this bag! Gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. That's an abolutely gorgeous set of pink! CONGRATULATIONS!
  9. very cute and I love the pink great choice!!!
  10. Congragulations they are very cute. I think I saw a denim wallet at macys that look like dye but I am not sure, it was adorable.
  11. Thanks Ladies, I am sure tickled PINK :roflmfao:
    If I ever see the Blue/denim in this then I will jump on it like a spider monkey :devil:
    HAPPY DANCE TIME :happydance:
  12. It is beautiful!! Congrats!
  13. Very cute and unique! Congrats!
  14. beautiful bag for summer, congrat's.
  15. I LOVE the shape of that satchel!!!

    I've seen the same satchel in white (but it was pretty beat up and soiled) and I saw the little wallet just like you have in the photo and you're right, the pics do not do it justice!
    Congratulations, she's beautiful and unique - a great combination!:tup: