It's blue Daria satchel

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  1. I was planning to do a proper reveal but the camera battery is flat and now on charge so pics will have to wait until later.

    First impressions were a bit :thinking: rather than :love: which tends not to be a good sign.

    I like the colour, it's a smidge darker than I was expecting but would work well with my summer wardrobe. I like the shape but I'm not sure about the strap. I have no problem using it as a long shoulder bag but it's when I double it over to make it a short bag, it's just too cumbersome. The strap is stiff too.

    So at the moment it's sitting on a chair and I'm looking at it waiting to see if the love grows.....
  2. Oh no, you have returned a couple of bags in the past, haven't you? Colour is gorgeous, and strap will soften after a while, don't you think? Hope to see pics soon....speed-charge that camera, please!
  3. Oh this sounds exciting, will have to pop in to see the progress. I am sure strap will soften. You have to give her a chance and see if love grows before it is to late.
  4. Yep I think this strap would soften very quickly, so I would not let that put you off too much.
    Its not sounding good tho, SJ has a pretty instant opinion about her bags from past experience ;)

    Cannot wait to see the piccies, I was so excited to hear about this bag.

    Hope the love rushes to you SJ!
  5. ooh, dying to see these pics
  6. Oh O, not instant love so I guess it will be winging it's way back to Mulberry quite soon.
  7. Oh no, you have returned a couple of bags in the past, haven't you?

    Ha, ha, understatement of the year! Slightly more than a couple actually. :nuts:

    I've been trying it again and like it the most as a long shoulder bag and can imagine it being the ideal size for the summer. I've concluded it might the colour, it's very dark blue. It looks good on a dull winter day but I'm not sure it's going to be a colour I'd reach for on a bright, sunny day.

    It's not a definite no but at the moment the odds are on it going back.
  8. Oh SJ, sorry to hear it's not love at first sight.

    Would you be better off with the Hobo? You are definately a Hobo girl, aren't you?
  9. ooh if they bought it out in Blueberry, that might be perfect for you :graucho:
  10. Well, one more to the list, sarajane! Nothing to worry about, it is important that you are satisfied with your purchase, after all it's a lot of money for a new bag. Happy hunting!
  11. Ooh I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of it IRL as it were, and I agree the strap will definitely soften with use. But it seems you need to trust your instincts, us ladies are usually right!
  12. Tiree, ideally I'm after a smaller bag for summer but the ivory Daria hobo might be the solution. I'm in the mood for buying!

    Chloe, blueberry would be lovely or something cornflower or like the denim Mabel shade. I've got the urge to buy but can't find what I'm after.

    Kriscat, think it could be a case of another one biting the dust....

    Fuzzy, I'll get some pics as soon as the camera recharges.
  13. Is it back in it's box yet????? Sorry it's not an instant hit but that usually means it's not for you.
  14. No, it's sitting next to me here and I'm going to do some pics and modelling shots. It's nice but not gorgeous IYKWIM. It's not setting my heart on fire and you know what that means!
  15. I must admit SJ, something about the Ink on the Alexa just didn't grab me.
    Don't you usually go for colours with a bit more umph (if that makes sense)?
    There will always be another bag round the corner with your name on.