It's here: City Greige Fall-Winter 06/07!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. My mother has come back today from Sardinia with this beauty...
    There was:
    City: Sapin, Greige ( only mine)
    First: Rouge vif, Grenat, Blue roi, Black, White, Sapin

    She says that Rouge vif is really gorgeous but i prefer city size so she bought a greige one for me

    The leather is the old leather.. yummy not veiny at all.. I'm:heart: :heart: :heart:
    Paddy 006.jpg Paddy 007.jpg Paddy 003.jpg Paddy 002.jpg Paddy 009.jpg
  2. i cant wait to start seeing them all!! especially
    - rouge viv
    - blueberry
    - grenat
  3. awesome color~!!! the leather looks great too!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Thanks for posting. The color reminds me of the 05 taupe.
  5. OMG!!!! I love the leather it looks yummy!!! I am sooo excited about the rouge color too!!!:love:
  6. She's absolutely beautiful!!! The leather does look thicker and soft, not veiny and waxy. Congrats!!!
  7. Once more (I've already respond in the other thread) .... GORGEOUS color, looks really great and "nobel" - CONGRATULATIONS l_b :flowers:

  8. Oh sweetie ..... congrats to your nice Avatar - it looks beautiful :love:
  9. Mmmm, the leather looks gorgeous - and the greige is a very nice colour. Congrats!
  10. Very nice, the leather looks good!
  11. Congratulations! So pretty and the leather looks yummy! This grey is lighter than the past couple of seasons...nice!
  12. Congrats lb!!!! It is truly stunning!!! I love the color. It looks like it has pearly white undertones- does it in person or is it the picture? I love it!
  13. It's gorgeous -- I LOVE that color!!! Congratulations and enjoy!
  14. It has pearly white underston.....
    Price are higher....:cry: :cry: 45 € ( 60$)
  15. wow! I love the greige. Looks like concrete (which I love). :smile: you might want to watermark your photos. If you need help doing that, send me a PM.