It's here: Calcaire Box

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  1. After so much pain i've finally received the box....
    There is some dirt on the back corners but i will use LVM products to make this bag as new...
    Now i'm happy ..i've sold my calcaire city only because i've found the same color in another style...
    Calcaire is my favourite color:heart: :heart:

    Before getting the calcaire box i've never seen this style in real life.......... I'm so sad that is discontinued.... i really love it
    I had a twiggy but i sold it because it was to big on me ( i'm 5.3 ) ...the box is now one of my favourite with the city and the mini bowling....
    From the new s/s 07 collection i'm thinking of getting a midafternoon...i like to change style...but i like only balenciaga at the moment...

    And now:confused1: : i don't like the giant hardware.... marine was one of my favourite.... but i dont' like it after seeing pics ( thanks Powderpuff:heart: )......
    ... My next obsession???:wlae:
    Calcaire Box 013.jpg Calcaire Box 010.jpg Calcaire Box 006.jpg Calcaire Box 001.jpg
  2. Love your new bag. I agree about the new hardware also. Don't care for it...too sci fi for me.
  3. Really cute. I just love that color.
    Congrats I'm so happy that everything worked out so well!
  4. OMG .... l_b :nuts: it's GOOOORGEOUS :drool: :yahoo: - I'm just falling in love with this color and style - really adorable :yes: ! Thank you so much for sharing - ENJOY this beauty :love: :tender:
  5. Very cute bag!! Congrats!! I agree with you about the new hardware.
  6. Congratulations! Your calcaire box and coin purse are beautiful. :heart:
  7. :heart: congrats! I love the box, too...and loving ur calcaires!
  8. Very pretty!
  9. Beautiful! love it. Congrats. Leather looks divine, and very clean overall.
  10. Love the color!
  11. What a lovely bag - I love the box style.

    Congrats on a great purchase:wlae:
  12. love your box and coin purse. looks great.enjoy.
  13. Beautiful!!! Love them both!
  14. :yahoo: I'm sooooooooooo HAPPY for you l_b!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: It's so stunning!:love: I love the coin purse very much too!:tender: Calcaire is a BEAUTIFUL color!:heart: Enjoy my friend!:heart:
  15. Congrats, lb! :yahoo: Your matching set of calcaire is so pretty!! :love: :tender: