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  1. :yahoo:

    My Damier Speedy 30 arrived today!!! Unfortunately, when I opened it up and wiped the interior with a white came the red! What do I do now? Will this happen to all of them? Do I return it, exchange it for another damier speedy, exchange it for another bag, or just keep it and hope for the best??? What have the other people who own this bag done???
  2. change it
    it is not fixable "i think"
  3. okay, i have to run and get my haircut (so i'll check this forum when i return) but i just wanted to add that it isn't a TON of red coming off but i'm afraid that when it gets used more and more that the line will start to wear off more. what can other damier owners tell me???
  4. The red does indeed rub off on some bags. So far, mine has been fine, but I wouldn't put anything valuable and pale in your speedy for now. If it is really noticable, totally exchange it.
  5. I have had no problems with mine. The red will not really start to fade...but instead you will have to be careful of placing light-colored items in the purse because the red Damier lining may 'bleed' onto those items (color transfer).
  6. i have not problems with mine too
  7. It's up to you...but I would be afraid to use it.
  8. OT...but I love your avatar! Schnauzer?
  9. I had that happen with my Damier. I put a white coach wristlet and some pink got on it. I was going to exchange it but got too lazy. Now I only use dark colors in it.

    Good luck!
  10. I would be afraid of the red dye staining any pale items stowed in the bag. You won't notice it on any dark items.
  11. go and return it! i am so sorry this happened! :sad: hope u can fix it! :smile:
  12. Yup! Standard Schnauzer...all 50 lbs. of him!!! He is such a hunk! And he is sooooo good with the girls (humans - who came after him!).:smile:
  13. No problem with mine, sorry about the lining, I think you should exchange it. Post some pics please
  14. I don't have a lot of "light" colored items for the inside but I'm nervous that after spending $620 on a handbag it is going to ruin other things that go inside. I just feel crushed because it is sooooooo beautiful!!
  15. I just noticed a post about "new" red lipstick lining...that is the color of mine. Does that make a difference??