It's Here but I'm sad =( What should I do?

  1. Well I just got the handbag

    the wrong one:rant:
    my SA sent me the small one, should I keep it or return and get the bigger one. Help girls

    I kind of like this one also but more for an evening bag
    DSCF0967.jpg DSCF0968.jpg DSCF0970.jpg DSCF0971.jpg DSCF0973.jpg DSCF0974.jpg
  2. I say go with the one you really want!
  3. It's gorgeous. I'm not sure what the larger one looks like but I love it.
  4. Send it back and get exactly what you ordered.:girlsigh:
  5. I agree.. Send it back and get the one you want
  6. Which bag did she charge you for? Did she charge the large price for the small bag by mistake, or did she send the small and charge you for the small?
  7. That is what they are trying to figure out, it seems that the bigger one is the same price. I am waiting to get a call back, everything I need fits in there. I'll let you know what they tell me
  8. I say get the one you really want! It is a pretty bag. What is the name of the line it's from?
  9. Fall/Winter 2006, name of bag Rabat
  10. Definitely return it and get the large one that was your 1st choice!
  11. Only get exactly what you REALLY want!
  12. Exactly!
  13. send it back and get exactly what you want!
  14. Get what you want!!
  15. They just called me back and was I was told is that the larger sized one was not picked up by any boutique in the US, they will research to see if a department store did but they didn't. =( So it's this one or I buy a classic large Lambskin flap bag. Which one should i pick?