It's here at last! See my Camapna pics

  1. I posted a while ago that I wanted to get my second BV after looking at everyone elses gorgeous bags. I couldn't find the perfect Carmine style, (still thinking about the Carmine Veneta) so I decided to get my first ever BV love a LARGE BLACK CAMPANA. I remember seeing pics of this bag a couple of years ago as one of the all time icon bags and I fell in :heart: with the style. However I always ended up passing over this bag for a different one. It's here now and it's lovely, supersoft and superlight to carry for a large bag.:graucho:
    I apologise for my action pics but it's pouring with rain outside today so I'm lounging around in trackies and jumpers :nogood:.

    BTW I've also included my first BV a med veneta in Ebano, so say hello to my small BV family.

    PS Big Thanks to Balchlfen and C24 for their help in my purchase. :tup:.:tpfrox:
  2. Here are the pics with the Medium Ebano Veneta for size reference. This bag will hold loads!
    DSCF0674.JPG DSCF0677.JPG
  3. Sorry for the typo in the title that is supposed to be CAMPANA and not CAMAPNA. duh! My hands are shaking from all the excitement.:yahoo:
  4. How wonderful, Syma! The bag is GORGEOUS, and so are you. Congratulations!
  5. congrats-you are gonna love this bag. it is very easy to wear and function with. i love it in black. enjoy it in good health.
  6. Lovely! Thanks for posting. I'm enjoying your antique chairs, too.
  7. i am so happy for you that you decided to go with a campana. it's indeed a versatile bag and how it fits perfectly under your arms. congratz!
  8. Thanks 24, you make me :blush:. Thanks also to annie9999 and Catabie for your kind words. Bete_Noire my DH loves collecting antiques our house is a furniture museum.:graucho:
  9. No wonder your hands are shaking, Syma, this is a stunning Campana! Congrats again!
  10. Syma, congratulations on your new gorgeous Campana! So beautiful!
  11. awww lovely!! I simply adore campana, especially in ebano!! congratulations Syma!!
  12. congrats on that beautiful campana. enjoy it.
  13. Woah! Now wasn't that baby worth the wait?! :graucho:

    Your bag looks amazing on you Syma! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! :yahoo:
  14. Thanks guys, you are tooooo Kind. Balchlfen, I can't beleive how lightweight this bag is for such a large size. I practically kissed the UPS guy when I saw him holding my Bottega box. :lol:
  15. Congratulations on a beautiful bag. That style looks so good in black.