Its here and

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  1. I am loving it:yahoo:

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  2. I love that bag! I wanted one when they first came out but it was a little too big for me. Congragulations!!
  3. Wow, it's a beauty!
  4. oooo so pretty! how 'bout some modeling pics? :graucho: congrats!
  5. Awesome, very cool!!! Congrats!!
  6. Beautiful! Congrats!
  7. I will post some tomorrow;)
  8. Beautiful!!! What's she called? I really like her!!!
  9. Congrats! It's a beauty!
  10. yay! :d
  11. I think it called Brooklyn but the style # is 7466
  12. Love it!!! I had it in bronze and it wasn't as pretty as the brown leather. Gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  13. That's gorgeous and looks so slouchy and yummy! Congrats!
  14. Awesome. They are awesome
  15. Beautiful! I can't wait to see your modeling pics.