It's here and it's beautiful!

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  1. Thanks to the posts in the 'Prada sales' threads I was able to find my lovely Cervo Lux Lace print bag at an amazing 50% off! I've lusted after this beauty for quite some time and was absolutely thrilled to find it on sale. :yahoo:

    The leather is so soft and smooshy and feels a lot less delicate than my fairy bag. I really love it! Thanks again to all the great gal/guys on this forum who keep us informed! :tpfrox:
  2. Wow! Great deal! Congrats!
  3. She is totally stunning! Congratulation!
  4. Ah congrats, we're bag twins. Enjoy, you'll love it!!
  5. Congrats! This one is really amazing, you'll be so happy with it :smile:. and the price is just too good
  6. She is absolutely Gorgeous!!:tup::tup:
  7. Great Deal! Beautiful! Enjoy!
  8. Congrats! She is beautiful!
  9. Congratulations!!!! I had a chance to see this IRL and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    The color was surprising as it wasn't the dark grey like in the photos but still super pretty!!!

    CONGRATS!!! :woohoo: ENJOY HER!