It's here!... and I'm not sure I like it... Help!!!

  1. I raced the the window... there was a package laying at the front door. The package I order Saturday and had been anxiously awaiting had arrived!! I ordered the pond shoulder bag & wristlet at the store on Saturday and have been waitting for it arrive ever since.

    I opened the box, started to unwrap..... and..... OMG, I don't think I like it. :crybaby: What do I do???? I didn't get this rush of overwhelming happiness, like I usually get... I kind of, gasped. It was larger than I thought it would, stiffer than I thought it would be... not the color I was expecting, but... I guess the color is pretty close...

    I am sooooo sad right now!!! What do I do??? I will post pics in a bit... I just have to think this through... Maybe I was over-anticipating this purchase and I need to not over think it. Also, another big thing here... I haven't unwrapped it totally - just taken out of the plastic.... So, that could be part of it....

    Help!!! :sad: I need opinions!!! Does the leather give at all once you use it?? Do you have trouble getting it on and off your shoulder????
  2. Did you take all the stuffing out and fill it with your stuff?
  3. *pics*

    Pond owners... is yours a gray blue color?? And honestly, what do you think about it on my shoulder?? I feel like I can't put my arm down... but I am going to try it later and take the stuffing out....

    Does it look wierd on my shoulder?? 2nd & 3rd picture?? I read the thread about short people with shoulder bags, and I do have to admit that the bag is bigger than I thought it would be.... I'm 5'4" ish. (And I have really wide shoulders.)

    TIA for your opinions!!! I don't have anyone IRL that I can get an opinion from!!!:push:
    coach_pondshoulder&wrist.jpg coachpond_fromside.jpg coachpond_underarm.jpg
  4. That baby is STUFFED! Pull everything out and try it on again :yes:
  5. BTW I really like the color, I think that is one of the better Pond pieces I have seen.
  6. LOL... yes... okay, starting to calm done... Will unstuff and see what happens.
  7. I've got my eye on the bag right now, and everyhting you said made me want it more! I do understand the not being able to put your arm down part, but have you tried pushing it back a bit more? What was the signature fabric on the pockets? I haven't seen that before. Good luck!
  8. Yes you need to unstuff it a bit. I think it looks like a lovey bag! And me personally, I LOVE the color. How perfect is that for spring?? Give yoursef a little time and think it over for a day. I bet it's going to grow on ya!
  9. The signature fabric is packaging ;)
  10. Awwww! I'm so sorry for your reaction! I love mine! I love the blue but that's the kind of blue I would typically like. I'm not a bright blue or navy blue kind of gal. I like turquoisey blues or greenish blues best so I think that's why I'm drawn to this color.

    I'm 5'6" and find this bag the perfect size for me. It does tuck right under my arm which I like, it doesn't hang down. But I feel more secure that way and it makes it easier to hang it in the crook of my arm too. Here's a pic of mine. The color is pretty correct in the picture.

    I'd play with it a bit to be sure that you don't like it even if it wasn't what you expected. Maybe even put it away for a bit then go back to it later to take a fresh look. Otherwise, return it. It's too much money to waste on a bag you don't love and there are so many other choices!

    ETA: If your bag is the same color as your pic that you posted, then yes, it is a lovely color! It is more grey-blue than mine is. Mine is more green-blue, a turquoisey color. How cool is that, that there are variations in the pond color?
    pond legacy shoulder bag.jpg
  11. Yes for $400 you must L O V E it, if you dont, then return it and try some others on!
  12. I love it. But if you don't like it, just return it.
  13. Can I also add that the bag seems to be stiff because it is a sort of structured bag and the strap plus hardware give it that feel. Play with it a bit in your hands and you'll see what I mean. The leather itself is soft and supple. I know it can feel stiff if you simply pick it up and plunk it on your shoulder but once you realize that it's simply the weightiness (is that a word??) of the hardware maybe you'll like it more too?

    Can you tell I feel bad for you?? :sad:
  14. I love it! What a beautiful color! That will go with pretty much any outfit. Especially jeans. You have to love it though in order to keep it and justify spending the $ for it. I just got my Whiskey shoulder bag the other day and I love it. It didn't sit on my shoulder how I expected it to, but now I'm used to it.
  15. Bags4Bubbles - Over time as you use your bag, the leather does get softer and it does give a bit. I don't have trouble getting it on and off my shoulder. From the pictures your bag looks GORGEOUS and I'm dying to get a shoulder bag in pond. The color is just beautiful.

    But I agree with the others, if you don't like it, definitely return it and get something you would be happier with. Just wait a few days and see how you feel about it. I have a feeling it will grow on you. ;)