It's here ALREADY!!

  1. I got my Coach PInk Suede Soho Hobo in the mail today!


    I can't believe it! I ordered it off E-Bay Tuesday night at about 9 PM and here it is Friday morning and it's already here! I love good e-bayers! :tender:

    I have a question though-- something I've never seen before on a Coach bag! On the creed patch in the corner it has a very faint stamp, but it's not an X, a + sign or an outlet bullet like we've seen-- it's a shield shape with a capital letter "N" inside the shield. Like I said it's very faint. Is this just another indication it wasn't purchased at a Coach store? Just curious! The little stamp won't photograph by the way.

    Anyway I've enclosed a couple pics, :drool: I didn't have time to take any but it's soooooo pretty, I love this bag! She said it had a couple of dirt spots but it really is in very good shape-- I'm nail filing it now and it looks pretty much new again! $39 for this bag was unreal!!!!!:yahoo:

    OK, I'm done gloating and preening now:girlsigh:

    2660_1.JPG 5673_d1.jpg 8a19_0.JPG 80a7_1.JPG
  2. I could be wrong, but I think I read on here somewhere that it means it was from Nordstrom.
  3. Congrats, the bag is gorgeous.
  4. Yep

    some bags have them...some don't. (I've purchased 2 bags from Nordies...neither have the stamp)

    ALSO - if it's not a true "N" might be a 'seller's mark' the ebayer put on the bag to prevent against a 'switch' with a know?
  5. LOVE it!! I've been shopping for a pink bag myself. LOVE that color especially this time of year.

    ENJOY it, I know you will!
  6. There are still a couple more on e-bay! you should check them out! Just type in "Coach pink suede" and you'll see them on the search. :smile:

    Thank you! I'm hugging the bag as we speak. My coworkers think I'm crazy!
  7. odd that the strap is different from the DD picture...must be one of those production changes...
  8. Yeah, I noticed that and it concerned me too when I first purchased it, but now that it's in my hands I can definitely tell it's real!

    What's funny is Coach sent me a replacement hangtag for my patent trim Demi today and everyone was right about them not sending the correct hangtags when you replacethem-- LOL, I requested a black patent one and I got plain black leather. Oh well! I'm just happy to have a hangtag for it.
  9. Great bag for a great price, lucky girl!!! I love it.
  10. Great purchase - I love those hobos and that color is beautiful.
  11. Wow, great price and very pretty! I love suede.
  12. Very nice bag! Congrats!
  13. Nice.
    What a good price.