It's here: 04 Black First with Pewter!

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  1. Just wanted to share my latest addition!

    Thank you to the lovely PFr who kept this bag in pristine condition!:smile:

    Also, an updated family picture.

    Looking at my collection made me think I really need a bright colour! Any suggestions?:graucho:
    04FirstPewter.JPG Bbags.JPG
  2. I love the black first with pewter its lovely, all of my collection is pretty bright as all i wear is black!!! I envy your pistachio first as well.....
    What colours do you wear most? I love pink and I have a true red first which is beautiful, that certainly adds a splash of colour to our dreary weather!

    bubblegum pink city and first on their way !!!
    vert d'eau first
    true red first
  3. Wow love ur collection:heart:
  4. Beautiful collection!:yes:I need some color in my collection, too, as I only have black BBags so my next one will be red!:love:
  5. Wow Siri!! :yahoo: Your collection is amazing!! Especially love your newest addition and the gorgeous Sapin Work of course!!;)

    Congrats hun!!:heart: :heart:
  6. your black first is TDF :heart: :drool: !!!!
    You need more colours!!! Maybe the new french blue or rouge??
  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words!

    I am really over the moon with my Black First, but I do need some more colour in my collection.

    The next colour I really wanted was Anthracite. Again, dark colour! So I really think I need to reconsider this and have a look at Frech Blue or Red or something!
  8. :wtf: LOVE your newest addition....stunning!! Congrats!
  9. wow! beautiful collection! love your black first:yes:
  10. Oh wonderful...congrats, I love the PH.
  11. Oh, Siri, I can't blame's so gorgeous and yummy! Great find & congrats!
  12. gosh!! i love ur collection....the grey work and black city are really TDF!!!
  13. Oh gorgeous black with pewter HW.:party:
    You have a nice collection. I love your lilac city.:drool:
  14. WOW that 04 black first is gorgeous siri anne!! :drool: Congrats!! Lovely collection you have there :heart:, hmmm maybe you could get a red next?
  15. Thanks again to everyone!


    Percephonie, PinkChristie, Myriamrees: Thank you very much. I think you are right. I need to add some red to my collection!

    E_pinpin: I am not a great photographer! The Work is Sapin not Grey. I wish I had a Grey too! But thank you for the kind words anyway!

    HandbagAddict4ever: I always think of you when I use my Sapin Work!