It's heeereee... my first Bottega in Veneta!

  1. Hello my BV families...It come earlier than expected... They supposed to delivered it Jan 2, but to my surprise, it came earlier today! It's a large Veneta in Camel (Is it correct?) I'm going to post the pics in authenticity folder too... just in case.. BTW I order it from bluefly when they have additional 10%, and use another 10% off.. so, it's quite a deal.. Enjoy ladies & gents...
    BVCamel1.JPG BVCamel2.JPG BVCamel3.JPG BVCamel4.JPG
  2. Congrats, cutiekiara! It's a beautiful bag and really nice style to start your BV collection with!
  3. She's lovely.
  4. Congrats, cutiekiara, Camel is such a beautiful color!
  5. Thanks so much for your kind comments... Can camel veneta owners help me authenticate it? I post more pics in authenticity folder. Thanks so much...
  6. Gorgeous Veneta cutiekiara! I just love LOVE the Camel ~ what a perfect spring color that will go with everything.

    I wouldn't worry about authenticity ~ I've ordered *waaaaaay* too many BVs from Bluefly and never had a problem. Enjoy!
  7. I like short handles so you make me like your collection.
  8. Lovely bag. You can never go wrong with the Veneta! congrats!
  9. What a gorgeous versatile colour! I love your new BV, Many Congrats!
  10. Beautiful color. You made a good purchase. Congrats.
  11. congrats, cutiekiara! it's a beautiful bag in a fabulous, versatile colour. just in time to look fab for spring. enjoy your new baby in good health!
  12. Congrats! I've Camel in a Campana. Love it!
  13. love the camel color. enjoy!
  14. Congrats! Your bag is beauty! :love:
  15. she's a beauty and a classic too...congrats!