It's gone all quiet on the UK front - any ??

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  1. ... deals out there that anyone wants to share with us UK'ers?
  2. I'm afraid i don't have any - isn't it bad when all these good deals are in the US?
    If you hear about any, PM me!
  3. they only thing I can really say is that I went to TK Maxx on Thursday, & they had a whole bunch of Furla & Charles Jourdan shoes in !! The Furlas were mainly tweed pumps in pinks or purples (soooo cute) but the charles Jourdans!! OMG!! I Loooooved them!!! I really really had to hold myself back from getting a pair of nude patent pumps (soo Gucci) with a silk bow on the toe. they were down to £45!! such a bargain. they furlas were about that too.

    oh, & it as the Bournemouth ~ Castlepoint TK Maxx I went to.

    other than that , flap all about at the mo :sad:
  4. Cheers for the heads up Park Avenue - those pumps sound adorable. Can't believe you resisted.....
  5. Me neither :sad: but am on a spending ban as I'm off to New York in 3 weeks! (three weeks today actually!! not that I'm counting or anything:biggrin: !! wooooohoooo!!)

    I'll keep my eyes open for anything else fabulous though:biggrin:
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