It's going to take a while to get over this...

  1. its a beautiful color! but if you are meant to be with that bag then itll happen. be patient and the time will come when you can call it yours.

    EDIT: i have no idea what the name of the bag is though, sorry
  2. I have this bag in blue. It's a Soft Signature Zoe Hobo, retailed for $258. I believe it came out in 2002. I hope you find one. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks Maxie for the info:smile: and batgirl, funny but I thought the very same thing...that if it was meant to be my bag I'll have it eventually and that I just needed to be patient. Weird.:heart:
    Oh, well :shrugs:
    I'll continue to look out for this particular bag and maybe Coach will put out a nice new sig bag in wine, burgandy, or bordeaux soon:graucho:
  4. Yep, the serial number on the bag indicates that it came out in 2002.
  5. I have that in black , it was my first Coach bag over $200 I just about freaked when I bought it and I love it to pieces ! Sorry keep looking maybe you'll find another one
  6. That bag is really nice. I hate when I lose e-bay auctions! :cursing:
  7. Those eBay auctions make me sweat!!! That was a great price, sorry you missed it. Keep looking, they always pop up!!
  8. That's a great color!
  9. That is a gorgeous purse. I can see why you're peeved. All things come to those who wait, right? LOL :smile: