It's going to be a good bag week!

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  1. NAP shipped my whiskey paddington this morning :love: I keep going to to track it :lol: I hope it is worth the splurge. From what the paddy owners here say, it sounds like it!

    Yesterday my dad and I went shopping for my stepmom's gift, and he took me to the LV store to look at the Speedy 25 I had asked him for Christmas. I think he bought it for me when we split up and he went to put some shopping bags in the car! I had posted a while back about my stepmom purchasing a fake Speedy (she didn't know it was fake) from eBay, and according to my dad, there was a problem and the transaction didn't go through and she was refunded her money. I suggested he could also throw in a Manhattan PM, but he gave me the 'dad' look, so I don't think I'll get that lucky :P

    Now, which one to carry this Christmas? Well, I have two arms, so maybe I won't have to decide :lol:

    If anyone gets a bag for Christmas, post pics! I want to see what Santa brings everyone :biggrin:
  2. Enjoy your new bags! I'm so jealous!!! Who says you can't wear them both at once ;)
  3. Carry the one your dad gives you not the one you gave yourself. Make him feel very special for being special to you. A parents dream.
  4. Oh that is good bag news!! Enjoy!!
  5. You are so right, and that is exactly what I'm going to do. I was (halfway) kidding about the two arms comment ;) My dad is the greatest, we've become very close over the last few years and I am so thankful for that!
  6. You lucky gal Cristina!! ;)
  7. I am waiting for Santa...or the damn Fedex man to deliver my asian embroidery saddle to Dior so they can call me and I can pick it up for xmas. Seriously I WANT THAT DAMN SADDLE. My SA called me today but it was to tell me about a watch :lol: I was like damn, I thought you were calling about my saddle :sad: Watch is good news too, but I'm more interested in the bag!
  8. Cristina, be sure to SHARE your 2 lovely bags with us after Xmas! ;)
  9. Of course! I am giving my mom a digital camera for Christmas, so I'll show her how to use it while taking pictures of the new bags in the process :biggrin: I'll be posting my (small) bag collection in the forum sometime soon. It's not much, but I :love: all of my bags.
  10. Congrats, ladies! It's a good week for me too: received my green Fendi spy today, Banana Republic kempton poket satchel, and have a Gerard Darel black drape bag on the way!
  11. Two are so lucky!
    Say..if I have $2000 to spend on purses. Should I get one bag I like from gucci which cost me $2000 or look and buy two purses with the same total amount. Decision decision..
    Any suggestion guys??
    I like classic handbag, elegant, but also stylist.
  12. I would do some looking first, but if you still keep going back to the Gucci bag every time, then get it.