It's Ginger's birthday today!

  1. Today is my older dog's birthday (well, the date we've always celebrated, since we don't know the exact date). I'm trying not to think about the fact that she's already 9, though.

    Anyhow, on the dogs' birthdays we always get them each a present (a toy of some sort) and wrap them, and we take them to our local ice cream place and they each get a baby cone with vanilla frozen yogurt... this is a Big Deal to them, since we don't allow them any people food (besides, like, baby carrots) for the rest of the year. Then later today we'll take them either hiking or on a walk.

    Here's the birthday girl!
  2. Happy Birthday, Ginger!! My boy chi just turned one on the 27th.
  3. Happy Birthday Ginger!
  4. AWwww that's an adorable tradition :nuts: Happy Birthday beautiful Ginger!!! :yahoo:
  5. Happy Bday Ginger.:smile:
  6. Happy Birthday, Ginger.
  8. Happy Birthday, Ginger!:yahoo:
  9. Happy Birthday Ginger! May your cone be sweet, your walk be long and your day follow you into your dreams...
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ginger!!! What a cutie!!
  11. Happy Birthday Ginger!!!:yahoo:Lets PARTYYYyyyYYY!!!!
  12. Happy Birthday, Ginger!
  13. Happy Birthday, Ginger!!!! My doggies love ice cream too!
  14. Awww...that's so sweet! :heart::yes: Happy Birthday to your furbaby! :smile:
  15. Ginger had so much fun today! We had a sudden change of plans and we took her out on my uncle's boat. She laid in the sun and soaked it up, then got to sniff around the camp for awhile. She had a blast, but is exhausted now. Don't worry, the dogs still got their baby cones, haha.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! She appreciates them. ;)