It's getting very cloudy in Germany - My LE haul

  1. I've been pretty quiet lately, I know, but it was well worth it :shame:

    Without much teasing, my newest babies :love:

    - '07 Sprouse Leopard Resort Scarf
    - Obsession Hexagone sunnies in Dark Honey Glitter
    - Monogram Charms Pochette Wallet in white

    and my first bbag :sweatdrop: a Twiggy in Ink (let me first run for cover before you throw stones at me)


    and now for the cream of the crop :wtf::wtf: (and I still can't believe I have them home with me)

    - Monogram Olympe Stratus PM in ecru
    - Monogram Olympe Cirrus in ecru
  2. WO-HO! Those bags look amazing! You got so many nice things. I can't believe the Monogram Charms Pochette Wallet is still around. >_< You've done a good job. ;)

    *Throws stones at BBag*
  3. Fabulous! Love it all! Congrats!
  4. WOWOWOW Mara!!!!!!!!! What a haul indeed!!!! Congrats girl!!!!

    ***And I LOVE that ink twiggy...sooo jealous!!!!****
  5. WOO-HOO!!! what a haul :nuts: the Cirrus is still my fave Olympe :tup: oh and that leopard scarf goes well with your Twiggy. ink is still one of the best B* colours. congrats!
  6. congrats! the wallet is so cute!
  7. Congratulations.
  8. WOW, incredible haul! I LOVE the Olympe bags, they're both totally TDF...and the scarf is freakin awesome! congrats!
  9. Wow .. what a haul indeed - Such a stunning mix!!!!
  10. I :heart: them all !!! They are so beautiful !...not the Twiggy though O/J LOL :p, thats hot too !!! but no more Balenciaga :lecture::bagslap:
  11. Congrats ... great purchases:woohoo:
  12. Great Haul! :biggrin: :yahoo:

    I love the sunnies the best
  13. Wow that is some haul there! I love the charms line I don't understamd why it wasn't more popular it's gorgeous!

    now just hold on while I take of my shoe to throw at that bbag :p
  14. Wowzas @ the loot! What a haul, I loveee the Graffiti scarf & the bags !
  15. Thank you for the nice words everybody!!! :flowers:

    please feel free to throw your Balmorals, and both of them I might add, Claire :graucho: :kiss: