It's getting to the point where I'm looking for a therapist

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  1. And the job hunt goes on and . . . nothing. And I've been sending out resumes and going to career workshops.

    It's like I'm in limbo. So far retail won't hire me and I'm not yet qualified to work in a hospital. I'm thinking of just giving up and volunteering at a hospital. But the whole point was to find a job so I would stop getting money from my parents.

    When I graduated from college, I moved back home and worked. Other than food and shelter, I made my own money and didn't have to rely on them. (The first year's rent of my apartment is paid for from money I had saved up from working.)

    I'm signed up for Medical Terminology II which starts in two weeks, and I plan on working towards my Medical Office Assistant certificate.
    (I have an interview with Starbucks on Monday.)

    I know there's something specific planned for me, but it's taking quite a long time to find out exactly what that is. I'm growing impatient because I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my faith.

    I'm frustrated because I've been through worse things and those didn't break me, and yet this is. I randomly start crying, I have such mood swings, and I'm almost afraid to leave my apartment, because it's so cold and heartless and threatening out there. I thought Toronto was supposed to be a warm and welcoming city! If that were true, why was the only job I could find was holiday work
    and they never got in touch with me after that?

    I'm furious because this is SO not what I wanted when I moved to Toronto!

    My dad jokingly remarked that, with the way things are going, he's surprised I don't have a drinking problem. I told him I probably would, if I could afford the alcohol.
  2. hey caitlin i know how it can feel with job searches. it's not a very encouraging activity. i think you can get through alot but sometimes at some point it just feels like enough is enough which is probably why you feel like this "little" thing is breaking you down even though u['ve have to overcome alot of other issues.

    sometimes getting a job is alot more about the job market. it's easier to get a job during holidays becoss there's more activty and the stores need people. after that, they probably have enough help from their regular people.

    have you tried a temp agency? it might not be something that you love but it'll be income and may help you feel less dependent. if you had better opportunities to work and save up previously in a different place, are you considering moving back there?

    i know it's hard to have faith when nothing seems to be working out and i'm not going to tell you to juist have faith. all i can say is that despite how we feel about our situation and how unfair and tiring it feels, at the end of the day, all we can do is keep on persevering and hpe that something works out. the process is frustrating, upsetting and everything else when it feels like you've tried everything you can but it's still not working out. but all you can do is keep on going because the option of giving up isn't a good one.

    if you have access to a therapist that wouldn't kill your bank account you should go talk to him/her and it may help you. i'm sure you can also talk to all of us here at tpf.

    A big hug to you. i hope you feel better soon.

    :heart: bubbles
  3. You will land a job when the time is right. Maybe you haven't found THE one yet. Give it some time. And don't give up but definately volunteer at a hospital. Especially since you want to go into the medical field. Any experience helps. I do this 4 hours every other Friday. Hang in there! *HUGS*
  4. I hope you find a job soon. Don't get discouraged and it will be done as you believe! *hugs*
  5. Well, we can certainly say that you're handling this w/ a sense of humour. That's really funny.
    You will find the right job, but it does take time. Keep us updated on your search.
  6. Why not just settle for a "right-now" job to support yourself rather than waiting for retail? You could work at a coffee shop or as a hostess to pay the bills -- both require no experience and still leave you time and flexible hours to find another job you really want.
  7. That's a great idea.

    I am sorry you're having such a rough time. I hope you find a job soon :smile:
  8. You'll find a job soon, caitlin. HUGS* Goodluck on your interview on Monday!
  9. dont worry! you will get a job eventually. if you think you hit rock bottom, then the only way you can go is up =) i know how frustrating it is ... took me like 6 months to find one. be optimistic and think happy thoughts! good luck with your interviews! your luck will definitely change :heart:
  10. Hi, I don't know you but I just wanted to say not to get discouraged and good luck at Starbucks. They have an awesome health plan and I heard they treat their employees very well. It would be a good stepping stone. Good luck with everything, keep us posted.
  11. I second the Temp Agency suggestion. I mean hey, at this point any money is more money than you're making now. Also, volunteering at the hospital might not be a bad idea either. You're getting exposure and generating contacts and leads to land a paying job.
  12. Sorry about the job search.... a therapist would only cost tho... so let us help!

    Things tend to pick up in the summer & spring in my experience as a contractor (depending on what you do). For me, i've had a lot of luck as a professional writer getting jobs with big companies like Fidelity etc... I also write full-time on my own books as well and am presently working on two biographies under contract with a publisher so i'm lucky as a writer, i guess because i get to work from home and already have two gigs in the bag, but that said i have some time to spend helping here : )

    i started out by doing this as a reviewer tho... so it was a grassroots effort...

    can you start out grass-roots somehow? networking? i hate to say this, but so many of the good jobs i found, i found through places that i belong to like The French Library and Cultural Center or the Pen American Center, or the Alliance Francaise etc - the more places you belong to, the more people etc etc etc.... but prob. you've already done this? So this is likely a moot point...

    sorry :sad:

    I'm trying to help!!!

    Can i offer other ideas tho? If you give me some more specifics, i'll try to help you out...

    be well,

  13. (((hugs caitlyn))) something I've learned is that life will test will push you to past your comfort zone, because that is the only way to build character. For everything that you are going through, I am so sorry. The daily struggles may get to you, but don't let them keep you down. You are traveling down a long, dark tunnel right now, but you WILL get out of it and you WILL become a better person from this. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that EVERYTHING happens for a just won't know why the chips fell the way they did until you're out of the tunnel, kwim? :shrugs:

    Sending my love your way :heart: :heart: chin up, hopes up!!! good luck to really deserve it :heart:
  14. I am sorry to hear you are having such a tough time! Sometimes it can be so hard to find a basic job!

    I have been there before & a job I wasn't expecting at ALL, just came out of the blue!

    Like the posters have said, keep going, you WILL get through this. Some patches in life are just rough & rocky & plain out SUCK!

    I would encourage you to keep going & putting yourself out there! SOMETHING will come to you!

    I think it's GREAT that you are going to continue your education! Congrats on that!

    A few jobs that are usually around & require little to no experience (that I can think of)...

    Bartender- good tips!
    Bank clerk- nice day hours, more of a 9-5
    Waitress- Good tips again!
    Look for secretary type positions- I have done really well in this area in the past!

    Once, when I was REALLY desperate for a job I got the phone book & started looking at all the businesses & services that were around & just randomly called them asking if they needed help! Hey, It CAN'T hurt!

    Good Luck Monday w/ Starbucks! I love their coffee!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Things WILL get better! Think positive & visualize yourself where you want to be! You WILL get there! Sending good thoughts your way!:kiss: MassLaw15
  15. Getting a job is very much about connections, I highly recommend volunteering at a local hospital. In my office, two of our newest hires started as interns. Perks of this are that you will hear by word of mouth when someone is leaving and positions open up, and you will most likely see openings that might not be posted externally where they take internal applicants first. It will definitely give you an edge if you've volunteered there and get to know the people. While money wise that doesn't help your situation too much, realize that you're spending the time to get your certifications to get a real job and the opportunity to do that with the support of your parents is great, even if you'd rather be entirely independent... you will be soon!