It's fun to stay at the......

  1. Ymca!!!
  2. hahaha! That's wonderful :biggrin:
  3. I am deeply offended. That's JESUS in that picture!!!!:roflmfao:
  4. Cal, you never cease to crack me up!!:lol:
  5. OMG, that is FABULOUS.
  6. :roflmfao: Very funny!
  7. omg lol
  8. Roflmao!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I love it:p
  10. :roflmfao: LOL!
  11. Lol!
  12. That's funny!

    (And I'd like to think that Jesus has a sense of humor!)
  13. That is funny--in which museum was this pic taken?
  14. YMCA :yahoo:...very creative^^
  15. God has a sense of humor!
    Those guys are very clever!