It's Friday Night!

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  1. Anyone else sitting on TPF, wishing there was something to do or somewhere to go?
    Not that I don't love this forum, but going out once and awhile might be nice...
  2. I'm with ya, but I'm also dead tired..
  3. It's 4.30am here.. and I'm on TPF!! LOL. My sleeping schedule is well and truly messed up.
  4. Out here on Pacific time its not even 10 p.m. When I lived in a more active area, it was much easier to find something to do...then not because I was always tired! Now that I don't have the option, I am incredibly bored and wish there was something other than the local dive bars!
  5. I went out to happy hour for drinks and I'm done lol.

    I am so tired on Fridays sometimes that I am often content with a happy hour-esque outing.
  6. i am with you. I want to go out but hubby and I are tired from working all week.
  7. I went out with my brother and his girlfriend, but they are both "early to bed" kind of people. They were done by 10:30!!! I watched some TV, went to the grocery store, and just got back on TPF. It's a slow Friday night :whistle:
  8. I drank too much last night and had a hangover all day so I'm staying in tonight! I'll go out tomorrow night and do it all over again!
  9. My husband went out fishing tonight so I was left (with a bottle of wine! oops...) by myself. That's not so fun!
  10. I am bored as hell!! 1:30 am... did nothing, just watch TV, tfp.... exciting life huh? lol
  11. Ahhhhh! I'm relaxing after a looonggg week! :smile:
  12. Yes, but I'm also exhausted since I didn't get off from work until 12:00 because I was closing with the slowest girl ever!

    Although an icy cold beer would still taste really good right now.....
  13. I'm a little drunk...too much wine! 1:05am here!
  14. ^^I just drank a bottle myself. Husband just got home but some nachos doesn't make a good night out. I feel pretty lame but what are you gonna do?
  15. ^Same here drank half a bottle..went out for dinner...picked up a bottle of's been a loooong week...need to relax a little. :angel: