it's finally over- scarf update

  1. well the whole instruction scarf mess is finally over. the seller never responded to the dispute so i won. actually he emailed me on thursday asking for MORE money. i cancelled the request. i think pp probably put a hold on the full amount and he was trying to recoup but since i had not gotten any refund at that point i was not paying anything more. i won but since i had filed for a partial refund pp ended up giving me 80 euros back- about 100 dollars.

    i also checked today and the scarf was delivered from madame p this week and no one in my building told me :cursing: there was a note on it saying the staining (i guess the discoloration) could not be corrected without ruining the scarf. which is odd because they a) told me they tested it and it could be fixed and b) charged me for the whole thing anyway. i can't tell if it looks better because the light in my house stinks.

    so basically i got the money for the repairs back plus a little extra. and i called pp and they gave me a little more back. so i paid something for it but not much. i also left a message for madame p to see what that note meant.

    sigh. at least it's over... now i'm just going to wear the darn thing and love it. maybe put it on the massai....

    thanks everyone for your support and humoring me through this whole deal.
  2. I'm happy for you that it's over and resolved in your favor. I still hope you find one in perfect condition - you deserve it after all of this.
  3. Glad to hear you can put this behind you now. Go wear the Masai!
  4. thanks guys! i can't wait to wear the massai! i wanted to wear it today but couldn't. monday i will.

    ps. i got a ton of very sweet pms and will answer them all i've just been exhausted and out all day! thanks to those who pmed me!
  5. H, if I were you, I'd hound Madame P until they give you your 80 bucks back. They promised they could fix it, now they can't, and still they took you money?! If they give you attitude, just call your credit card company and file a chargeback.
  6. ^^ I wholeheartedly agree. If they said one thing and didn't follow through - you need to stop payment through CC.

    Enjoy your week with your GORGEOUS new Massai.
  7. good gad, h, what possible reason could the seller give you for asking for more money? i swear, some people must be born with cojones the size of basketballs . . . .:weird:
  8. i think when you file a claim with pp they hold the money. my guess is they held the funds in his account and he was trying to get something back from me so he wasn't out all the money and the scarf. pp said they thought the same thing. he just doesn't know how pp works i guess. the odd thing is he never responded to the dispute once i escalted it to a claim (or vice versa. i forget how it goes).

    i left the message for madame p and will call again monday. i'm so confused because it's checked that they couldn't fix it on the forum but there's a reciept saying i owe 75 dollars. i have to look at it tomorrow in the light to see if it looks any better. honestly at this point i can't tell.

    this is coming off a week where i paid 35 dollars to the shoemaker for doing NOTHING to a pair of shoes i brought in. they claim they cleaned them but they look no different than when i brought them in. who can argue that though?
  9. Glad the dilemma is over, hlfinn. Go enjoy your gorgeous new Massai! :nuts:
  10. what a dragging story hlfinn, i'm sorry this happens to you.. this seller, I don't understand him.... I'm happy you got a refund from PP (dont' understand why the seller would want MORE money???!!!), I hope you find out soon what it means about the color?
  11. i did. debating it. i have the blue too. but i kind of want two of each so i can wear one and frame one...
  12. I have an old one (of course, the most valuble one with the flocked bees) with a cigarette burn, I just fold it into a tube and......tie it on the Massai!!!!!
  13. a full refund would only work if she was going to return the scarf.
  14. omgd, this happened to my mom a few weeks ago. the shoes were actually more dirty than when she brought them in! true story!:sad: