it's finally here!!!

  1. i got to pick up my "new to me" noe, on saturday, from the post office. as some of you know, i missed the post man on friday, so me getting it a day later was the result! you're right, john! i couldn't sleep a wink the night before! i was too excited! here are some pics... one of me modeling it, for those of you who asked... and one to show you what's inside! i finally got a chance to use it today, since i got it for school!
  2. yeah! congrats!
  3. but where is ur model pix? :graucho:
  4. oops, here's the modeling one!
  5. congrats and enjoy!
  6. there it is... it wouldn't load when i tried to paste it on, so i did it again
  7. Congrats, Sophia!
    Another noe convert.
  8. yea! makes a great school bag!
  9. Oooh, looking good! i like this bag more and more! congrats!!!
  10. that's a nice roomy bag. congrats.
  11. congrats! it looks fabulous!
  12. Very cute, it looks awesome on you! Congrats :biggrin:
  13. I love it! Are you going to leave the drawstring as is, or will you replace it with a scarf?
  14. thanks guys! :blush:
  15. i haven't decided yet... i don't have a LV scarf, so i'll see what i can swing...