It's Finally Here !!

  1. OKAY,

    WHOSE REALLY GONNA BUY THIS ? I THINK I MIGHT BUT $$$$$$$$$$$$$...........


  2. It's very pretty! I want to see that in person!
  3. Ohhh I love it!
  4. the color is gorgeous...but it's still the same style that i'm returning in my black sig...sniff.
  5. It is very pretty!
  6. its very nice to look at, however im not sure how ill feel about it in pereson.
  7. I think the bag in that color is gorgeous!! But ackk again it's that delicate scratching leather that I can't seem to stand.
  8. I'm weird around colored leather, I like monotone boringesque leather lol, but red and purple is an exception.
  9. it's pretty
  10. It's beautiful but I wouldn't buy it. I like the bags with the blue trim too but I probably won't buy one of them either because I want my bags to be a bit more versatile and I'm concerned that the blue won't work for all seasons. Maybe that blue leather in a wristlet or something would be nice. Then you could own the color but not invest so much money into it. KWIM? Geesh, it's still sooo pretty! LOL!
  11. me too.

    i still hate that legacy leather...
  12. prettiful =]
  13. The legacy shoulder bag says it'll be available in this color in February. Wonder if the Ali will be in pond too? Me and DH celebrate our 20th anniversary in March... he's been asking me what I want.... maybe a shoulder bag in pond??? (not as much $$ as the satchel!) And something slightly frivolous for an anniversary would be good, right?? :graucho:

  15. it's a gorgeous bag but so expensive!