It's finally here~ the shipment from Paris!!

  1. After I got my first large veneta in canyon, I didn't think about getting another one. Although I check the BV forum and webite so often, I was just browsing. Until one day, I saw the corot color in somewhere online. I was like " oh, this color is so right for Spring!! Why I didn't pay attention to it before?? It's in the BV wensite?!"

    Since I planned to get my next BV bag in belly veneta (US - medium, Europe - small), I emailed Pascal in Paris store. He had it in stock. Also, he told me that the coming sale in June won't have any leathergoods on sale and would have a few bags going on special sales eventually but he doesn't know yet what they will be. That's when I decided to get it and along with this wallet (style: intrecciato nappa continental wallet) in corot color, too. So I can have three different style of long wallet from different brand.

    Another info, if you have Paris store ships abroad, the vat is 16.38%. Shopping in France is 12%.

    The corot color is darker IRL than in the BV site, maybe it's the flash. But I do feel the nappa of belly veneta is thicker than the wallet and my canyon veneta. Not sure why.

    Still very happy to have them both, I love the softness and feminine in corot color. However, I was torn between to spray the water & stain repellent on them or not. After seeing them, I chose to let them age naturally, just like my canyon veneta which is soft and has its own shine.

  2. Wow! The color is lovely💜 congrats on these gorgeous babies👜👛
  3. Love the color.. Pascal is so great to work with.. Enjoy
  4. Wow, the colour is absolutely stunning! Congrats!
  5. gorgeous
    use it in good health
  6. Enjoy! Beautiful color. Pascal is wonderful. I think among all SAs, I like him the best. He always wrapped everything neatly with a bag, a box with ribbon and dust bag.

    Btw, no VAT if shipped outside France. Just need to pay import duty in your own country.
  7. Thanks, everyone. Enjoying them a lot~~
  8. About VAT~~
    I was going to have a friend bringing the package back to me from France. That’s when Pascal explained to me. If my friend does it, only 12% tax return, ships abroad will be 16.38% tax taken off from the retail price. I thought both % tax return were VAT. It’s my misunderstanding. Luckily, the package shipped to HK, no import duty.
  9. as a former SA with BV
    BV has a standard for shipping things
    it is supposed to come with a dust bag in a box with a ribbon around it not a ribbon but the leather string and a that should be secured down with a BV label
    the only time you might not get a box is on sale items
    it should always come with a duster
  10. You have great taste! I have the large canyon and have my eye on something in corot! : D.

  11. Beautiful!! I love the color! Enjoy
  12. Love the colour... enjoy your lovely set :smile:)
  13. Lovely!
  14. Thanks. Good to know :smile:
  15. love the colour:thumbup: