It's Finally Here! SO Damier Deauville

  1. It took 7 1/2 months to arrive, but I love it!! :yahoo:


    Photo of Interior, love the dark trim on the pockets!

  2. Wow nice :tup:, congrats!
  3. Oh My Goodness, it is so beautiful. :drool:

  4. oh my gosh it's SO beautiful!!! ocngrats!
  5. Wow, gorgeous!! Worth the wait, eh?
  6. wow that is absolutely stunning
  7. thats hot!!!!! was it worth every penny lol?
  8. congrats!!!! its amazing!
  9. is sooooooo lovely.
  10. It's stunning, so worth the wait.
  11. WOW!!! LVoe IT!!!!!
  12. awww lovely, simply lovely. congratulations!!!:flowers:
  13. that is beautiful, I love it, congrats !
  14. what a beauty! congratulations.
  15. is gorgeous!!!! Congrats!