It's finally here!! *pics!*

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  1. I picked this baby up last night but was only able to take photos today!

    It kind of looks purple in the light sometimes!

    Anyway no more yacking out of me!:P HERE IT IS!

    Tadaaa!!!! :yahoo:

    car2 copy.jpg

    car1 copy.jpg
  2. Sorry, i'm really bad at taking photo's when I carry a lot of things :P
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!
  4. Very cool car. Congrats!
  5. oooo sexy!!!! congrats

    :party: :dothewave:
  6. Congrats, yay!!!!!!!
  7. ooh, shiny! congrats!
  8. GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!!!

    Take a few pics of the interior for me to drool over, will you?! :smile:
  9. so pretty. congrats!
  10. Ooh! Love the color. Is that the new 328i? :graucho: Congrats and enjoy!
  11. That is one classy looking car. Congratulations and safe driving.:smile:
  12. Very cute car! Have fun driving her! :yahoo:
  13. she is beautiful, you've great taste
  14. ^ita!!
  15. Hot! Nice choice!