It's finally here..... my perfect tutti MM!!!!!

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  1. yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    Finally picked it up this morning at the PO. April from one of the Hawaii LSS was soooo sweet and helped me find the perfect placement... Mozzarella everywhere!!!!! And the latte, chili pepper, adios and the cactus kids!! :party:


    I am :love::love::love: right now...
  2. Congrats! some of the Tuttis are so great. i can already feel myself caving on this print...

  3. OMG :drool::drool::love::love::love:

    Congrats!!! It is PERFECT!!!! Wow!!!! I :heart: tutti!
  4. I love your Mozzarella, it's so pretty.:tup:
  5. Nice mamma mia, hazelnut! I wish I could have seen the other side but the pic is cut off on my pc.
  6. OMG - That is such a great print placement!
  7. I think you need a widescreen computer to see the back.
  8. Oohh it's sooo beautiful!! :drool:

    My intern is going back to Hawaii for a week... so I might have to ask him to pick up one for me!!
  9. oh no!! Really??? on my screen they are one below the other... not next to each other...

    here is the back again... just in case!!


  10. gingie - the hawaii LSS had quite a bit of tutti MM stock when I called a few weeks ago... but at diff stores... and there are like 5 in honolulu!!! so if you can, call them all beforehand and see if they have the one you want, and have it on hold so your intern can pick it up for you easier!!
  11. Kitzka - I was totally NOT excited by tutti when I saw the swatches, and then when I saw it in person I :heart: it so much... I went on a mission to find my perfect placement... now, after going thru a bv, campeggio and two dolces I finally have my final perfect tutti!!!! hahah!! :nuts:
  12. I absolutely :heart: your MM!!!! It's got my idea of perfect placement! I'm :drool: over your newest addition!
  13. Wow, congratulations!! That's so pretty!! :tup:
  14. Congrats!..:yahoo:... It's so cute...:love::love:
  15. Much I can see the whole back too!! :tup:
    It's PERFECT! :love::love::love: Your toki hunting definitely paid off!! :yahoo: