Its FINALLY here, my KP -*pics* ACTION PIC ADDED Pg. 6!!!

  1. After waiting for several weeks, seems like much longer :smile:, my Kelly Pochette arrived today.

    Havanne - Evercalf

    I love it! I looks larger in pics than IRL
    Hermes Kelly Pouchett1.jpg Hermes Kelly Pouchett3.jpg
  2. beautiful color! congrats!
  3. ^^^^^ thanks GG! I *LOVE* the color!
  4. Congratulations! The color is gorgeous!
  5. oooh, delish. We'll just have to wait to see it in action.
  6. ^^^ Thank You orchids!

  7. Yes, I will post in the Action Thread tomorrow.
  8. :heart:Penny! :heart:

    This is soooo beautiful! I love it!!!!:nuts:

    Enjoy it in the best of health! You deserve this and so much more!
  9. WOW that is beautiful! Enjoy!! :heart:
  10. ^^^ Thanks A!!! You are such a sweetie!!!:tender:
  11. Thank you Sarah!
  12. It is very cute bag, nice color. Congratulations!! :tup:

  13. me loves Havanne. Pretty!

    Congrats! :smile:
  14. Beautiful.......modeling shots please?
  15. Congrats! Great color!