IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! My black patent Gauffre from NM with 30% off


Sep 18, 2006
Orange County/Taiwan
Yay, it really is here! On May 10th NM was having a 30% private sale on its website for certain designers. Prada was included but only for the shoes. The purses were nowhere to be found on the website. But just right before the online sale ended I decided to type in "prada handbag" in the search box just to see if anything pops up, lo and behold, there they were! All 30 something of them! :yahoo: I managed to grab two of them in the stage of complete shock :graucho: I did end up cancling one my other nylon Gauffre order the next day since DH and I are heading over to Italy this week and I thought I might see other Gauffres there that I like more (eg. the buttery soft leather ones)

At first, I was worried that when NM found out about the "glitch" and they would retract my order. But they didn't! So I only paid $1885 for this $2650 cutie!

ps. Just wondering for those of you who's recently bought a Prada/Miu Miu bag in Europe, what is the difference when comparing with the US price?



Mar 28, 2006
iiving the dream
Love it! That's how I got my black leather east/west gauffre last year -- it was not on sale in the store, but I found it on line for one second and bought it at 30% off as well. Wooohooo!


Nov 30, 2006
Bath, UK
Great deal! I've recently bought a Miu Miu bow satchel for £525 and a Miu Miu black coffer for £695 in Britain, and I just bought a Prada deerskin e/w satchel in naturale in the South of France for 1470 euros which works out at around £1,000 - it came out about £150 cheaper than if I'd bought it in the UK.
How does that compare to the US for price?