It's Finally Here: Beige Inclusion Bracelet GM (Plenty Of Pics)!

  1. I thought I would have never gotten to see this bracelet!
    I ordered it about 3 weeks ago from Elux and it was delivered to the wrong address! :nuts: Needless to say it has been quite frustrating and scary to the point I almost lost hope...but it is finally here! :yahoo:

    When I first opened it I didn't know what to think.... I opened it inside of my car as I couldn't wait till I reach work :upsidedown:
    Anyways, I feel like I have mix emotions about this bracelet.
    It is huge! But I don't think that's the problem...I think it's how thick the clear part is. Also, I can see the bubbles inside...LOL...although I don't think that bothers me much.

    I do have a question for Inclusion owners, do you see the bubbles inside the clear part? Also, the gold LV conffetti (for lack of better word), do it have rust like spots?

    Upon close inspection, I noticed that some of the gold confetti has flaws. I don't know how to explain it so i better post a pic (like I don't have enough pics attached :P ).
    Please look at these pics and tell me if any of you can see this in your inclusion items:

    DSC02253.JPG DSC02255.JPG DSC02256.JPG DSC02258.JPG DSC02259.JPG DSC02264.JPG DSC02266.JPG DSC02249.JPG DSC02250.JPG DSC02251.JPG
  2. I adore it! It looks beautiful on you!
  3. Okay! How cute are you!? You're adorable!
    That bracelet is great! I think the bubbles would be 'normal', no?
  4. Great pics..looks great on you.
    I love mine very much !!!!
  5. JoJo, I love that bracelet!
  6. I think it's pretty! Congrats!
  7. Looks gorgeous on you, congrats!
  8. Beautiful!!!

    Heehee.. my dream is to have a GM and a PM to wear at the same time!

    Anyways... to answer your question.. I don't have a bracelet so I can't say for sure.. but I do have the hair clip and the clear plastic part on that is thinner and less curved than the bracelet, however, I think they sort of similar that I can try and answer your question..:smile: I would think the bubbles may be normal since I'm assuming they pour the plastic into a mould so bubbles may be inevitable.

    As for the discolourations on the gold confettis... none of my confettis on the hair clip have that change in colour that I see on your photo. :sad:

    But I would never ever be able to see that while you're wearing a bracelet. The only reason I see it is because you pointed it out and you have a super close up snapshot! So if you love it and you yourself won't worry about it.. like it doesn't bother you, then I think it doesn't matter. It looks great on you! I would think it'd only be a problem if you know that fact may keep on bugging you to the point where you won't enjoy the bracelet or you won't wear it!

    Congrats on the new addition!!! :tender:
  9. OMG it's amazing on you!!!
  10. Jojo..I am sorry..I just checked mine (Beige GM), it doesn't have flaws like urs..I looked at mine very closely..
  11. The Inclusion looks great on you. But your top is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
  12. Hmm... I have 2 inclusion bracelets - a black pm and a beige pm - and while the monograms aren't discoloring, there are alot of bubbles. At first it bothered me, but I got over it.

    The bracelet looks great on you! The GM was by far too big for me, but I have teensy tiny wrists and hands - so it looked silly. I think it looks good on you, but if you feel it's too big, why not sell it and get a pm?
  13. Oh, you look so sweet! Love your bracelet too.
  14. Congrats!! It looks great on you!
  15. i think they confetti has began to tarnish maybe you should exchange for a new one? if you dont want to go through the ordeal it is not noticeable when you wear it. no on would pay attention as they would be focusing on your beauty!