It's finally happening ...

  1. ... in Singapore - the prices of the staples pieces in classic colours (Nero, Ebano and Bianco) here will be up by 15% or more wef Monday, May 14, 2007. :sad:

    I dropped by the boutique this afternoon to send in my Limo Veneta for her spa treatment - ok, for cleaning, and the SA told me the price of my med Veneta will be increased to the current price of the large!!! That works out to be US$250 more or a 17% hike! Yikes!!! The larger Veneta would also cost US$250 more (but in terms of percentage is lower due to higher base). Still :push:

    What I understand is the price increase would only apply immediately to the classics styles and colours but not the current seasonal bags e.g. the Veneta in Quarzo, Magnolia, Old Petra would still be the same price until its sold out. F/W's new seasonal Veneta would then bear the higher prices, and so on for other seasonal colour staples (Cocker, Campana, Ball, Roma, Montaigne etc).

    I have been meaning to get the medium intrecciato continental wallet in Ebano, so I took this as a sign of now or never - it would cost nearly US$100 more after Monday (ok, it's just an excuse). Thus, it came home with me together with a little something else which I shall post later. :p
  2. 17%?! :shocked:

    Is this worldwide, do you know?
  3. So sorry to hear this Ms P. Maybe it also has to do with the stronger Euro? (But then again why the selective price hike, right?) Anyways, I really feel your pain. I wonder if Tomas Maier is straight, that might be one way of scoring some free fix (and don't forget your friend who gave you this genius idea!)
  4. AFAIK, its worldwide, as BV is increasing its prices. But not too sure what's the % of hike though.
  5. Apparently BV Italy is increasing prices. Of course the strong Euro doesnt help either. :s

    :greengrin: :roflmfao:
  6. Hi Ladies,

    Yup! The price increase I mentioned in the other thread will be kicking in tmw. Hope you ladies got everything from the classic range y'all wanted!

  7. Thank you, ms piggy! :flowers:
  8. Edit:

    Whoops! :push:

    Please ignore me - my brain's scrambled today, for some reason!
  9. I guess this means I will be spending some time today on the BV website debating about getting another bag so soon!
  10. I was told by the SA at Bottega Veneta in NYC that the price increase will take place in June. However, perhaps he was wrong. I know that NM has already increased their prices. However, as of yesterday (May 12), the NYC Bottega Veneta boutique had not increased the prices of their classic bags yet.
  11. Thanks for reporting in, unfortunately this news is not the best. But this is just what happens :crybaby:

    BUTTT Ms Piggy, congrats on the wallet, and furthermore, can't wait for some special accessory pictures!!!!
  12. Thanks for the warning. Prices on all the designer bags are going up I guess.
  13. Why oh why do they have to increase by THAT much!!!
  14. Thank you everyone for sharing the news on the upcoming price increase, so sad...

    Ms Piggy, congrats on your new purchases. Looking forward to your pictures.
  15. Oh no:sad:
    Does anyone know when the increase will be in France or Italy?