Its final, I'm keeping the Jumbo w/silver hw for my 1st Chanel!!

  1. Just thought I would let everyne know and thank you for all your help!!:smile:
  2. Great choice - I love the silver!
  3. me with the silver jumbo!

    And for size reference with the jumbo, I am 4 11" and a little over 100 pounds
  4. Very nice choice. Classic. :biggrin:
  5. Congrats!!! You made the right choice for your first Chanel!!:tup:
  6. one more pic...
  7. Thanks!!:p
  8. Love the silver Jumbo! Good choice Congrats
  9. Fabulous choice!!!
  10. it looks gorgeous on you ! did you tie the chains inside im 5'1 and i tie the chains inside w/a ribbon to make it shorter :smile:
  11. Thanks! Yup, I tied the chains with a black hair elastic and then knotted the rest into a gorgeous silver ball! I have to make it quite a bit shorter! with the elastic I can easily adjust the lengh by sliding it up or down and the rest of the chain doesnt hang down in the bag! I love the chanin pretty short and right under my arm or on the crease of my arm, it looks so chic with the shortened strap on petite girls!
  12. fab choice!
  13. looks great on you...
  14. Nice choice, looks great on you.
  15. Congrats! Great choice! I also picked the jumbo with s/h as my first Chanel.