its fate....

  1. OMG, its fate!! I can't believe it, but the mom I saw in starbucks w/ a caramel colored day bag was just in the post office when I was sending back my bottega hobo. She is the one that inspired me (unknowingly) to return the bottega and get a couple b-bags. I know it sounds weird, but my DH and I just moved from Manhattan to the suburbs (had a baby in April) - so I've been running errands and I noticed this bag - I LOVE IT - I put a call into balNY (kim) about it and will be going there Monday when I return to work after my 12 week maternity leave (so sad)
  2. So, did you talk to her? :smile:
  3. haha... i should have, but no I didn't - I am new to the area and a bit shy
  4. That's funny!
  5. That's a great story. :yes: She probably would have been flattered to hear it but I know what you mean, I probably would have admired from afar. Actually, that would depend on my mood of the day and whether she looks approachable. Hope you get your bag!
  6. If she didn't look too worn out, I would have approached her. I think it would have made her day that someone noticed her bag. She might have even been a fellow pfer. You never know nowadays.
  7. That's a good story! I know that feeling when you see something or something happens and you just know what to do.
  8. Wow! It is fate! What an awesome story! Congrats on your new Bag--can't wait to see pics when you get it! :yahoo:
  9. Cute story. I think if you ever see her again, you should tell her you love her bag (I bet it would make her feel good) and if she is nice about it then let her know about your story. Anyhow, congrats on ordering your new Bbag.
  10. cute story!
    if you do run into her again though, i think you should tell her! i think she'd appreciate the story, and who knows? it might be a PFer! :nuts:
  11. oooh..... nice story, btw, what b-bags are u planning to get? congrats :yahoo: