I'ts "Evident" Im in love.... REVEAL

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  1. :yahoo:Yesssssssss.... I finally scored a pair of the GRAY Evidences... Which are sold out... Ugh.. Can we say sickening! ..

    BTW.. my first reveal for 2010.. :smile:

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  2. F a n f r e a k i n g t a s t i c!!!!!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Congrats!!
  5. awe love them!!! ENJOY :smile:
  6. I LOVE evidence glasses!
  7. OMG, LOVE those!!!! Congrats!!
  8. we're sunnies twins!!!!i finally got a pair a few wks ago & hv been wearing them daily since. congrats!!!
  9. Congratulations :biggrin:!
  10. GORGEOUS! i have the black ones! they rockkkk!!!
  11. Congrats!!!!!! modelling pic?? :graucho:
  12. Congrats!
  13. nice sunnies..congraTS
  14. Congrats!
  15. nice ! congrats......