It's easy being green...

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  1. when you have choices like this!

    i saw this ANI bag in Luna Boston today (where I ran into the lovely citychris... which had to happen sooner or later!) and while i'm not crazy about the style, the color is a knockout. a very complex and rich forest color with a tiny hint of teal. not too dark so you cannot appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of the color. the texture of the leather is also better IMO than some of the other colored ANIs- plusher, smooshier, softer.

    it's worth a look for any of you looking for green in your bag arsenal!
  2. I agree we probably both spends so much time there, we were bound to bump into each other. It's funny that you recognized me by my bag.:p

    I usually don't like green bags but I agree the color on this Ani bag is stunning -- I was attracted to it because it does look teal, at least in certain lighting.
  3. Not too crazy about the style either, but wow is that a gorgeous color! Hopefully your find will help someone out there in search of a green bag!
  4. I like the style but I don't really like the color. Green isn't really for me but it looks like a fantastic bag!

    P.S. I frequent Luna Boston as well...I live about 30 min from the city so I try and get over to their new location as much as possible! Great Store!
  5. Green is my favorite color and the color of this bag is stunning!!! Not really fond of the style though....but keep posting those green bags...lovely!
  6. Hmmm a green bag huh? The closest one I've got to green is a Kiwi (more olive) colour Belen Echandia Stroke Me. I'll have to keep my eyes open for greener pastures.