It's "done" but now I have to wait...INK INK INK any pics to help me to be patient!

  1. First of all thanks to all of you for helping me to make my mind up.
    I just called the store to check if they still have the ink city.

    And the answer was YES.
    Sometimes it's an advantage not to live in a major city.
    I asked the SA to put it on layaway for me (I already have the tod's T waiting there) until the end of october. Their SA is just great!

    Now I really have to hit ebay and get rid of some of the useless stuff to add to my "pursefund".

    I am soooo impatient!

    In the meentime can you guys post some "ink" pictures to make the waiting easier ?!
  2. yippy, congrats on your new ink city, here's my ink weekender for you :wlae:
    DSCF3421 REV.jpg
  3. is ur bag veiny ,cause i saw one on weekend and it was really didtressed ,from which year is it ????:s
  4. ebay pics 015 (2) resize (2).jpg

    this is my ink messenger :flowers:

    enjoy your city! the ink is really such a lovely color
  5. Congrats on your new bag, I love Ink! Here is my Ink first!
    DSC00631.jpg DSC00634.jpg
  6. Yummmy I want mine right now.
    Sorry for that outbreak!

    Great bags the color is really amazing.
  7. Here's my ink city.:yes:
  8. nope, my '06 weekender isn't veiny at all & is more blue than purple :love:
  9. This is my very first bbag - an INK City :love:
    06 Ink City 62w.jpg 06 Ink City 52w.jpg
  10. Congrats, catcat! :yahoo: Hope you get to enjoy your new ink city soon. Here's a pic of mine :heart: :
    Ink City2.JPG
  11. Wonderful I cant' wait to actually hold her in my hand.

    The colorchange is just stunning!

    More pics????
  12. Here are my ink city and courier. The city is more purple and the courier is more blue.

    woops! can't upload picture, too big. I don't know how to resize.:crybaby:
  13. congrats!! I would love to get my hands on an ink city!! I'm so jealous!!! I also don't think I could wait that long!
  14. here is my ink city... i took these pics to get it ready to go.. then i fell in love with it all over again!


  15. Yep waiting is not my greatest strengh, but I can't use my card (BH would be too upset). So since I am a staying at home mom, I need to put money aside here and there. Which actually makes it kind of exciting even if it's difficult.