1. My Chi's Halloween Costume finally arrived! He isn't very happy when I put it on him & even manages to take his legs out of the outfit (as you can probably tell in the pics) but I was able to make him stay still for some pictures. He's Dogzilla!! :lol:

  2. OMG! He's so cute! I am laughing so hard seeing your pics.. seriously, I wanna hug him!

    He's a very good boy being able to stand still and posed for the pics. I remembered when I put a raincoat on my dog and we were laughing so hard seeing him on it, he instantly realized that he looked funny and just won't move. I had to dragged him to the door for our walk on the rain.

    Btw, is that your cat standing next to the dog?
  3. HaHa! He's all ready to trick-or-treat! He deserves lots of snacks b/c he's so darn cute!
  4. Oh my gosh!!! That is sooooooooo cute! :heart: :yes:
  5. How cute!!!
  6. Yes, that's my cat next to the dog. He was smelling the dog trying to figure out what was going
  7. Awe! How adorable!
  8. Awww that's so cute!! I love the look on your cat's face!! He looks as if he wants to say "Good heavens, what ARE you wearing? You can't be serious" :lol:
  9. So cute!! Both your dog and cat.
  10. Awww they are both gorgeous! Dont suppose you got the cat into costume tho?
  11. \

    lol....I tried to get the cat in it too but he wouldn't sit still.
  12. Haha, ITA agree with sparkles about your cat's look!

    My dog and cats dont get along at all, I would love them to though but it's just impossible. I tried bringing my dog to my cats when my cats were still kittens but they freaked out. One ran up on the tree, and one hissed so loud and was in attack mode.

    I think I know a Halloween costume for my dog.. I'll post pics soon..
  13. He seems to be a good sport about it...:lol: That is so cute!
  14. He is adorable!
  15. awwww too cute