It's contagious... I'm slowly drifting away from LV...

  1. *sigh*

    As much as I hate to admit it, LV just doesn't interest me as much any more. Before this happened, I couldn't imagine buying a bag OTHER than LV. Every time I wanted to, I would think "Well...for that price, I could buy an LV ___________" and LV would ALWAYS win. I refused to even give a bag from another brand a chance. It was always LV, LV, LV.

    So most of you have probably read my thread about me having this "weird feeling". Most of you agreed that I'm getting bored with LV and I need to slow down, branch out, etc.

    It seems like the decision is to stop buying LV (for now) and branch out.

    Today I went shopping with Tina (Vista) at Holts to check out some Chanels and to get an idea of what I'd get for my first Chanel next year. I absolutely loved the feeling of the Caviar leather and the GST was just amazing. It's double the price of what I'd normally pay for an LV but it's well worth it because there's so much leather in the Chanel.

    I've also been just browsing bags online from other designers and found the MJ Stam to be a very interesting bag. Today I played with and tried on the black classic Stam and just LOVED LOVED LOVED it. As soon as I saw it on myself in the mirror, my jaw dropped. It looked AMAZING!!! The chunky gold chain looked great with the bag, and the kiss lock was just too cute. Initially it was the Stam and no Chanel, but I love both and so...I took the Tivoli PM and silver Suhali zippy off my to buy list.

    Tina asked me, in regards to the Tivoli, "Do you really need any more monograms?" and my answer to myself was no. I have all the basic monogram a girl needs: small evening bag (Recital), throw around tote (Batignolles), shoulder bag (PH), dressy bag (Beverly MM) and winter bag (Pap 26 with cross-grained leather). The Tivoli is gorgeous, and I would still get it someday, but not until I fall totally out of love with some of my other monograms first.

    So...I'm very sorry to say that I'm going to cheat on LV with MJ and Chanel, but I think this is the best for me. I think once I branch out to other designers, I won't get bored as easily and will appreciate LV more, like someone suggested.

    I will still hang out at the LV forum, I will still continue to use my LVs (not sell them all off like a lot of members have been doing!), and I will still drool at the bags in the SS08 show whenever that may be...but I think I'm done with LV for 2007 UNLESS I see the Tivoli and silver Suhali wallet and I absolutely have to have them, which I highly doubt will happen because the MJ Stam has taken over completely. It's just that I haven't had a handbag make me that excited for a LONG TIME! Not even my black Aurelia MM make me that excited.

    Just thought I'd post this...and thanks to everyone for everything. (Especially helping me in my other thread).

    My (possibly) last LV piece (for awhile), the plum Le Tal, is on its way here to its new home and so I will post tons of pics when it arrives...!
  2. you'll be back :yes:
  3. they always come back lol
  4. Oh I am sure. I'm not saying I'm moving away from LV permanently, hence I'm keeping most if not all of my LVs.
    I think if something from FW07 caught my eye I'd still be obsessed right now. I'm just getting bored with the permanent collection and I need to take a break.
  5. Wow, I'd never guess you'd give up on LV, Karman. :oh: Maybe all you need is a bit of a break :yes:
  6. Oh, you MUST get a GST though. I have them in white and navy and they're GREAT bags!!
  7. It's okay to luv other designer bags.. it's not like your cheating. I'm sure a lot of LV Lovers have other designer bags too, you know. :yes:

    So, Cheer Up!!! and enjoy your future Chanel and MJ purchases! ;)
  8. I'm getting bored with LV too. Having my 3 speedies, pochette, 2 keychains and 2 wallets are more than enough LVs to last me at least 5 years. Other brands just give me more style options. And I dont want to be seen with that LV logo my entire life. Variety is the best way to go!
  9. ^^ I AGREE!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  10. There's nothing wrong with branching out and getting a little variety in your purse wardrobe - variety is the spice of life! ;)
  11. I have Chanels and a Prada... nothing wrong with branching out. :supacool:
  12. Sooner or later you'll also wander into Balenciaga, there would be quite the welcome committee, LOL! Good decision, diversity may help rekindle your love for LV :smile:
  13. i think you're just going through a phase, i'm sure you'll be back sooner or later.
  14. Totally on your side gal! I was kinda bored with LV for awhile and 'cheated' on LV too... bot myself a 1st Chanel and 2 miu miu (which are all gorgeous full leather bags) and its a variety of bags to chose from. So go on, indulge and enjoy your new love with other brands... :tup:
  15. I kind of feel the same way. It just doesn't interest me anymore...Sure, there are bags made from LV that I absolutely love and adore, but it's just not that appealing to me anymore. Could be because I've got a baby, a husband, and a huge car payment now, or maybe because LV and I have grown apart. Who knows, maybe when I'll actually be able to afford another I'll be back - but for now I just enjoy chatting about them and reading about what everybody else is buying ;)