It's coming! MOCA Murakami

  1. Per the UPS website, my box is in transit and should be there today. Unless it's a new driver who won't leave the box on my doorstep while I'm at work and then I won't get it til Monday. Oh no! Breathe, Restricter. Whew. OK. I'm waiting for my Neverfull and can't wait to post modeling pics.

    In other news, my California friend is now a fan of all things LV. He mentioned that there was an article about the Murakami exhibit in the NY Times yesterday and was thinking about LV sunglasses. I do believe I have created a monster.

    Happy Friday everybody. And how is your day?
  2. LOL created a monster!

    1 down 2 to go.:tup:
  3. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see photos
  4. Oh, the anticipation..
    Congrats, .Hope you get them, I love to see pics!
  5. How exciting! The waiting is the hardest part!!
  6. My MOCA is on its way sooo impatient!lol!
    mine wont b here till next week..i shoulda overnighted it!!!hehe!
  7. Awesome !

    And hey, it's always great to sign up more members to the cult of LV. :graucho:
  8. congrats restricter & Jill!
  9. I hope you get it today!!!!
  10. Yipeee!!!!!!!
  11. Break out the dig. camera-get ready for some modeling've been wanting this like forever:yahoo:I'm ssoooo happy for you. CONGRATS:party:
  12. Congrats, you'll love it!
  13. yay ... congrats!
  14. lol congrats!!
  15. congrats! can't wait to see pics!