Its coming, Its coming......

  1. Well after 4 months of waiting my specially made Green Fendi spy bag is in London :yahoo: :yahoo: I cannot get down to pick it up and its Bank holiday on Monday but its being sent out on Tuesday so on Wednesday will have this long awaited spy in my hands. Its all done with my name inside. Just so excited had to tell my friends on here
  2. Congrats im soo happy 4 u.
  3. Can't wait!!! You deserve it after waiting so long. Can't wait to see modelling pics!
  4. I'm so happy for you Saich !!!
    Can't wait you'll have it to see pics ;) ...
  5. Oooooohhhh cant wait Saich. Congrats!!

    I love that you got your name inside the bag!! You'll treasure it forever!:wlae: :woohoo::woohoo:
  6. Congrats Saich! I'm sooo excited for you! :yahoo: Please show off your gorgeous to us as soon as you receive it :biggrin:
  7. oh Saich, what a week you are having lol.

    I am so excited to see this one tho, imagine, a spy actually made for just YOU!!!

    can you take piccies of your name inside it too, I just have to see that!!!!!

    congrats, you lucky lucky gal :biggrin:
  8. What a great news!I'm truly happy for you and can't wait to see your picts!!!:woohoo:
    Did your SA tell you something about your bag?
  9. Oh chloe-babe my weeks are always full of drama seem to go from one drama to another...LOL will take lots of photos and of my name inside.

    Anilouann the SA said the spy was bubbly, but how bubbly we will just have to wait and see, I have only ever seen one super bubbly green spy, as the green came from first season the leather used was not really bubbly. She also said it was stunning and a deep dark emerald green.

    Very excited as its been a long wait
  10. Yay--can't wait to see it!
  11. So excited for you, I hope it is just perfect!!!
  12. I can't take it any more! :noggin: Show us the bag Saich! :dothewave:
  13. So happy for you...if this bag were mine,I couldn't be more excited!:yahoo:
  14. :dothewave: Can't wait to see it Saich!!
  15. OMG its a hold our breaths till Wed though!

    Trudy you are so no going to sleep are you! and darn those UK Bank holidays!!! hee hee

    Soooooo cannot wait to see this - after all these months - wow, what a week next week will be!!!