It's coming early!!!


Coach wh*re
Nov 29, 2006
^^ Of course I will post pics tonight! I bought this wristlet having never seen it in the I hope I like it! heheh

Evidently FedEx left it at my garage door! (luckily - we are set back very far from the street so I'm not worried - but still! Odd! I'm psyched though - don't have to go to the FedEx facility to pick it up! Now THAT'S a nightmare)

I called hubby - who was out Christmas Shopping today...and told him not to drive over my box when he pulled into the garage!


Jul 4, 2006
I dont know what it is with FedEx these days...I had a cell phone coming, came quicker than i expected, BUT they left it infront of the garage...luckliy my dad was pulling in when the truck was leaving. Good thing my dad didnt run over my phone.

I can't WAIT to see the pictures btw!!!