It's coming baaaaccckkk! The black w/ white CC's Cambon tote!

  1. I just talked to my SA at Nordstrom Topanga and she told me the black Cambon large bucket/shopper with white CC's will be back for the spring line. She said they will receive a shipment hopefully within the next 8 weeks. So, call and put your name on the waitlist they are starting! I noticed a lot of people seem to be looking for this bag so I thought I would post.:smile:
  2. Good to know!
  3. will the white one with black CC's ever come back?
  4. Hmmmm. I am not sure, I should have asked what other colors it would come in...if I find out, I will post it!
  5. is this going to be the one with the chain strap instead of the leather strap?
  6. Cambon / chains?
    I've never heard of that.
  7. ^^^me either. Does anyone have any pics of that?
  8. ^^^^i never heard of that either.
  9. Nordstrom seattle emailed me their lookbook today and i saw it in there....
    but it is black and white pdf, so I have no idea what color is what....
  10. I love the cambon line, and I guess many others do too. I'll guess they had a lot of people asking for that bag, so they are bringing it back by popular demand.
  11. Did it say Cambon in the Lookbook?

    I wonder if it's just a similar Ligne{?}
  12. Swanky, it does not say cambon. But it looks exactly like that except fot the chain strap. But I have no idea how it will look irl in terms of color combo and stuff.

    I might get it tho.... I had a cambon but I did not like the leather strap, so this new one might be a keeper.....
  13. I like it with the chain handle, but why does it say cotton club. The bag is not made of cotton fabric is it?
  14. Ahhh, they're calling it the Cotton Club Ligne. Does look a lot like Cambon, I like it too!
  15. I have no idea.... a little expensive for a cotton bag tho, dont you think?