It's Chanel mobile charms

  1. :smile: Please, enjoy .....
    m1.jpg m2.jpg m3.jpg m4.jpg m5.jpg
  2. More.....;)
    m6.jpg m7.jpg m8.jpg m9.jpg
  3. and last one :smile:
  4. Oh how cute! The last one from the first row is just so sweet, I saw this also as a necklace in a magazine a while back... Really nice.
    I wonder what the price range for these charms is...
  5. Cute. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Oh so cute.
  7. very cute, thanks for sharing
  8. Where can I get one? it's so cute!!!
  9. very cute! but i don't think i could get one because i'd be too scared to lose it lol
  10. wow, some of those would look beautiful on my cell phone. thats what there for right?
  11. Thanks for the pics!
  12. so fun! thanks for sharing.
  13. cute, haven't seen those before
  14. I love love the first one, so cute, thanks for sharing
  15. Those are cute!