It's bright. It's light. It's PLUME-tastic!


Feb 18, 2010
It all started back in March when I was looking for a new casual bag. In the past, I'd admired the Victoria but didn't find it quite right for me. I tried on Jypsiere and Toolbox and yet I still hesitated. Then I came across a thread on Plume bags. Somehow it caught my attention. I began to read more and more about this style. I researched and googled. I was fascinated. The simple lines. The understated elegance. The little diamond shapes at the based of the handles. The pictures from dear tPFers (you know who you are ;)) just made my mouth watered. I was spellbound.

Who can say no when Seton posted the pic from the 2002 How to Tie Hermes Scarf book cover with a yellow/natural plume on a bicycle handlebar. How can something be so modern, timeless, casual and Hermes and yet not screaming Hermes.

Then came the detractor. I showed the picture to DH and he said it looks just like a rectangular box and don't you already have something in Prada that looks like that? (Remember the bowler bag from early 2000s, anyone?) I grudgingly admitted that it does somewhat has a similar shape--rectangular and that's about as close as it comes!

So off I went in search of the perfect bag. And this led to another beautiful bag called the Drag (here's my saga: I've never seen another bag like this before. It showcases Hermes workmanship in such a beautiful light. Oh the lines, the sexy curve, the ladylike clasps--this style is exquisite. I was weak at the knees.

The good thing was DH liked it as well. What a beautiful bag, he'd said. I told him it's a matter of luck when it comes to H--if I come across one one day, I'd definitely get it. As luck would have it, I found myself a beautiful 37 Drag in natural veau chamonix last month. What a beauty she is. I was in H heaven.

But...something was still missing. The heart wants what the heart wants. I was still yearning for the Plume. I had originally thought that I'd love one in 32 cm but then my Drag is already a large size (I love large bags even though I'm petite) so this gave me the flexibility to also look for a 28. Or as those of you H devotees know, it's whichever comes first/available. :P Well, an intensive search ensued (in secret I'd say). DH had no clue I was looking for a Plume soon after I acquired the Drag (read immediately). He thought I was content. Well, yes I was, but the Drag is so pretty so I'm rather afraid of using her (the chamonix leather scares me a little). And, she's a bit ladylike and not as casual as I'd have liked but I love her nonetheless and know that there are occasions for each of my bags.

Well, if lightning can strike twice then H luck can strike twice as well. I found a new to me, mint condition (like new) 28 Plume in orange. I (oops I meant DH) drove for 2 hours to pick her up. The moment I opened the box, my first thoughts were "wow it's so small" and "wow it's really orange". :biggrin: Then I thought "oh no I should have waited for a 32". But then I was surprised by how much it fits. It fits all my stuff that I carry day to day and still has room left so my concern was put to rest. And yes, the handles can somewhat fit over the shoulders temporarily if I need my hands free. But the boxy shape doesn't allow for it to be shoulder carried all the time--your arm will somewhat squish the top of the bag--not a good look and not good for the bag.

As for the orange. No, it's not too bright at all. I have an orange So Kelly in clemence but the color on the Plume gulliver is so well saturated that the color really pops. It's so wonderfully H!

So without further ado, here's my new very own orange Plume with a new twilly that I got for the Drag but thought it looks so much cuter here. Isn't she just Plume-tastic? :biggrin:



Jan 17, 2010
It's stunning - love the color and it looks brand new! What a great get! Isn't funny how with H many of us just buy without having a chance to try it on first so when it arrives, the size is always a bit off from our expectations at first?! I had the same initial impression for my Kelly 28 but in the opposite direction - wow, it's a little bigger than I thought. But after the initial surprise, I couldn't imagine a different size!

Enjoy her - she's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!


Nov 28, 2012
Yes, she is a stunner! Love orange H (I have a Pico) and she looks pristine. Nice twilly choice as well. FabFashion you scored! Now let's see some modeling pics!


Apr 1, 2008
H Land
such a cute and pop color for plume! It's such a light and practical bag with the 3 pockets inside. Enjoy all your H in the best of health:winkiss:
Jul 4, 2007
Congrats. I have seen your Drag reveal. Now you have two very beautiful bags. I also have both but I found myself using Plume a lot more than Drag. You will enjoy it a lot.


May 14, 2010
This is such a HAPPY BAG! made me smile this morning! The perfect dose of instant sunshine! Your Brandonbourg (sp?) twilly looks great! Thanks for sharing!!!

Vitamina H

May 3, 2014
:woohoo:Congratulations on your beautiful, orange Plume! I loooove her! The Brandebourgs twilly cw is just the perfect icing on the cake! Wow, this was a majorly great find! I am not that familiar with the Plume myself, but I think the handles fold down? Does it also come with a shoulder strap? I apologize for so many questions, but I think your Plume is just amazing!! If it wouldn't be too much trouble I would love to see modeling pictures! Please, please (pretty please) post them for us!!! So happy for you!:smile: